Casting CallsHULU's 'Vanderpump Villa' Season 2 Open Casting Call

HULU’s ‘Vanderpump Villa’ Season 2 Open Casting Call


Are you an individual with great charisma, ready for the vibrant nightlife, and poised to join the glitzy world of Hollywood entertainment? The second season of the nervy reality show, Vanderpump Villa, on Hulu, is currently seeking participants for an open casting call. This could be your ticket to a sparkling career in the entertainment industry.

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Key Takeaways:

1. Casting Call project for Hulu’s Vanderpump Villa’ Season 2
2. Opportunity to join a star-studded cast on a popular reality show
3. Lucrative compensation package at par with industry standards.
4. Exposure to the vibrant Hollywood entertainment industry and a chance to gain popularity.

About ‘Vanderpump Villas’:

The realm of reality TV is no stranger to opulence and drama, but Hulu’s latest offering, “Vanderpump Villa,” promises to elevate these elements to unprecedented heights. Set against the picturesque backdrop of a French estate, the show follows the lavish lifestyle and interpersonal dramas of staff hand-selected by matriarch Lisa Vanderpump. Premiering on Monday, April 1, this new series aims to blend the allure of luxury hospitality with the unpredictability of human nature.

An Inside Look at Vanderpump Villa

“Vanderpump Villa” is not your average reality show. According to its official logline, each episode is a scintillating journey through the lives of the elite staff as they strive to provide guests with once-in-a-lifetime experiences curated by Vanderpump herself. However, the real intrigue lies in the rivalries, romances, and raucous misadventures that unfold among the staff, who live and work together around the clock in close quarters.

The series is set in an exclusive French estate where the staff is tasked with fulfilling every extravagant whim of their affluent guests. From head chefs to estate managers, each member of the team brings their unique skills—and television-ready charisma—to the table. This mix of professional dedication and personal drama sets the stage for a reality show unlike any other.

Casting for Charisma and Culinary Excellence

In preparation for the show, producers issued a casting call seeking restaurant professionals with a flair for drama and a knack for luxury hospitality. The diverse roles, including mixologists, sous chefs, fine dining servers, and event coordinators, were designed to ensure that the estate runs smoothly while also providing ample opportunity for interpersonal conflict and camaraderie.

This approach to casting suggests that “Vanderpump Villa” will focus heavily on the interactions between staff members as they navigate the challenges of meeting the high expectations of their guests and managing their relationships with each other. The requirement for “television-ready charisma” indicates that viewers can expect engaging personalities and dynamic on-screen chemistry.

From Scandoval to French Countryside

“Vanderpump Villa” arrives on the heels of the “Vanderpump Rules” scandal, affectionately dubbed “Scandoval,” which captivated audiences last year. The fallout from this cheating scandal, which involved key cast members, has undoubtedly raised expectations for the kind of drama “Vanderpump Villa” might deliver. With a new setting and a fresh cast, the show promises to bring a different flavor of drama to the screen.

Production Pedigree

Behind the scenes, “Vanderpump Villa” boasts an impressive production team. Bunim/Murray Productions, alongside Entertainment 360, brings a wealth of experience in reality TV production to the table. This collaboration suggests that “Vanderpump Villa” will benefit from a high production value and a keen understanding of what makes reality TV compelling.

As “Vanderpump Villa” prepares to make its debut, viewers are eagerly anticipating a blend of luxury, drama, and interpersonal dynamics. With Lisa Vanderpump at the helm, the show is poised to offer an insider’s look at the complexities of running a high-end hospitality business while also delving into the personal lives of those who keep it running. Whether you’re a fan of luxury, drama, or the allure of the French countryside, “Vanderpump Villa” promises to be an unforgettable addition to the reality TV landscape.

Job Details:

The casting call job revolves around participating in the show, engaging with other characters, and contributing to the entertainment value of the program – all while living luxury at Vanderpump Villa. The project is aimed at providing a unique perspective into the glamorous nightlife of Hollywood and its celebrities.

Job responsibilities:

1. To engage in entertaining activities to keep viewers intrigued.
2. To interact with Villa’s other guests, fostering engaging relationships.
3. To embrace the unpredictable dynamics of the reality show environment.
4. To accurately portray their own persona to the audience, in line with the show’s requirements.



Interestingly, the show welcomes a diverse range of candidates, making it an ideal platform for everyone looking to get a foothold in the entertainment industry. The ideal candidates should possess:

1. A vibrant personality: As the primary focus of the show is to entertain, a dynamic personality will work in the candidate’s favor.
2. Sense of charm and charisma: The ability to charm audiences will play a critical role in how well received the candidate will be.
3. A good understanding of the entertainment industry: While not mandatory, prior familiarity with the glamour world would be beneficial.
4. Aged between 20-45 years old – This is the preferred age group for the participants.
5. Superior communication and interpersonal skills.



The compensation details might not be listed explicitly in the casting call. Still, it’s standard in the entertainment industry for participants of such reality shows to be significantly compensated. On top of a potentially substantial cash prize, participants will unlock substantial media exposure which can lead to a myriad of opportunities within the entertainment sector.

A career in the entertainment industry has always been a coveted dream for many. Given the competitive landscape, such casting calls offer a unique chance to get your foot in the door of Hollywood’s bustling scene. With Hulu’s Vanderpump Villa Season 2, your dreams of enjoying fame can come to fruition.

Remember, good things come to those who take action. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you don’t want to let it slip away. Think you fit the bill? Take a chance with this casting call; you never know what doors it might open for your future.

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