Casting CallsHow to Get Cast in Nicole Kidman's 'Babygirl'

How to Get Cast in Nicole Kidman’s ‘Babygirl’


‘Babygirl’ casting directors are now casting and hiring actors to work on the upcoming feature film as it films in New York City.

Are you ready to dive into the thrilling world of movie-making? Grant Wilfley Casting, Inc. (GWCI) is offering a fantastic opportunity for individuals to become part of the cinematic universe. We are excited to announce a casting call for the upcoming film project “BABYGIRL,” where you can showcase your energy and passion by portraying an underground raver. This is your chance to be part of a key scene in a movie that promises to captivate audiences.

About ‘Babygirl’ starring Nicole Kidman:

“Babygirl” – An Intriguing Cinema Masterpiece by A24, Starring Nicole Kidman and Antonio Banderas

“Babygirl,” a compelling film project by A24 brings together prominent Hollywood figures, including the icon Nicole Kidman and Spanish superstar Antonio Banderas. Being one of the hot topic in the film industry, “Babygirl” epitomizes A24’s dedication to quality and originality.

This film project propels A24 ahead in the film industry. Founded in 2012, A24 has steadily become a household name by producing a series of stand-out titles that have engaged diverse audiences and garnered critical acclaim including Oscar awards. “Lady Bird,” “Room,” “Moonlight,” and “Euphoria” are just a few of their acclaimed productions.

With the addition of “Babygirl” to their movie ensemble, A24 is undoubtedly positioned to enjoy more success and accolades. As anticipated, the film promises to deliver a mix of intense drama, power-packed performances and the distinctive storytelling prowess that A24 is known for in the film industry.

The casting of Nicole Kidman and Antonio Banderas as frontline stars gives a significant boost to the movie’s intriguing storyline. Both stars bring decades of experience and a unique blend of talent that is sure to enhance this film’s appeal to global audiences.

Nicole Kidman, an Australian actress and producer, is well known for her stellar performances in many prominent films including “Moulin Rouge!” and “The Hours,” the latter earning her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Kidman’s versatility in taking up exciting roles is well recognized, and her involvement in “Babygirl” offers a promising outlook for both the movie and A24.

Accompanying Kidman is Antonio Banderas, another iconic figure in the film industry. The Spanish actor is highly regarded for his charm and superb acting skills, as affirmed in movies like “Pain and Glory,” for which he received a Cannes Best Actor Award, and the notable “The Mask of Zorro.” Banderas’ involvement alongside Kidman is another reason “Babygirl” is making waves in the film circles.

The choice of renowned producer Melissa London Hilfers to write the screenplay assures audiences they are in for a treat. Hilfers is credited with several popular stories including the Jenny McCarthy starrer “Indecent Proposal.”

A24’s commitment to delivering quality productions makes “Babygirl” a much-anticipated release. With the collaboration of Kidman and Banderas under Hilfers’ creative storytelling, we can only expect something extraordinary.

While details regarding “Babygirl’s” plot remain a closely guarded secret, viewers can only speculate about the thrill and suspense that the film ought to provide. Given A24’s reputation and the star-studded cast, it’s safe to predict that “Babygirl” will be a unique cinematic experiencer.

In conclusion, “Babygirl” features all the elements for a blockbuster movie; a powerhouse of acting talents, a seasoned screenwriter, and the reputation of A24 as a top-tier film production and distribution company. The movie’s worldwide anticipation beautifully illustrates the magic that results when talented individuals come together under a banner known for quality and creativity. Hold onto your popcorn folks because “Babygirl” is poised to be an epic cinematic ride!

We continue to watch the horizon for more about “Babygirl” in the countdown to one of A24’s most intriguing productions yet. Surely, in the words of Nicole Kidman, this film “is going to be a fantastic journey.” After all, good things, they say, are worth waiting for.

Casting Call for “BABYGIRL” – Be Part of an Underground Rave Scene!

Why You Should Apply

This casting call is a unique opportunity for those who love the energetic atmosphere of rave parties and are eager to experience the behind-the-scenes world of filmmaking. Whether you’re new to acting or have some experience under your belt, this opportunity is open to everyone who meets the requirements. It’s not just about being on camera; it’s about being part of a creative process that brings a story to life.

Job Responsibilities

As a background actor in “BABYGIRL,” you will:

Actively participate in scenes, portraying an underground rave attendee.
Follow directions to ensure scenes are captured as envisioned.
Perform repetitive actions or dance movements for multiple takes.
Maintain a high energy level and enthusiastic demeanor.
Collaborate professionally with other cast members on set.

Requirements for Applicants

Must be 18 years or older.
Having a vibrant, eclectic rave-inspired wardrobe is a plus.
Previous acting experience not required but advantageous.
Legal eligibility to work in the United States.
Available for the entire day on February 13, 2024.
Adherence to set safety protocols and guidelines.
Comfortable in a high-energy, simulated party environment.


Selected individuals will receive payment for their participation. Details of the compensation will be provided upon selection. Additionally, meals and snacks will be provided on set, ensuring you stay energized throughout the shoot.

How to Apply

Ready to be part of this electrifying experience? Applying is easy! Sign up at Project Casting and submit your application for the “BABYGIRL” casting call. Don’t miss out on this chance to step into the world of film, meet new people, and possibly kickstart your journey in the entertainment industry.


This is more than just a casting call; it’s a doorway to new experiences and memories. Whether you’re looking to expand your acting portfolio or simply want to try something new and exciting, “BABYGIRL” offers the perfect platform. Embrace your love for the rave culture and become part of a movie that will resonate with audiences worldwide. Apply now by signing up at Project Casting and take your first step into the vibrant world of film!

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