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Grey’s Anatomy Casting Information


The ABC hit medical series “Grey's Anatomy” is currently on their ninth season, and according to sources “casting is ongoing for principal and .” This is a great opportunity for anyone that is a big fan of the hit , Grey's Anatomy, or always visioned themselves as a Doctor, or a hospital patient on the amazing TV series.

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“Casting is ongoing for principal actors and actors.”

Grey's Anatomy is centered on Meredith Grey played by Pompeo. She is a woman trying to deal with life and a very hectic job, which makes seperating the two almost impossible. Meredith is a surgeon at Grace Hospital, one of the toughest surgical residency west of Harvard. She and her fellow surgeons Cristina Yang played by Sandra Oh, and George O'Malley portrayed by T.R. Knight. Before they were students, now they are surgeons, in a world where on the job training includes life and death of there. Grey's Anatomy focuses on heartbreak, laughs, and dealing with real life situations.

Principal Actor Casting:

“Working on the next episode of Grey's Anatomy for photo submission to the , we are seeking males, mid-20s, 220 lbs or heavier to play logger types. For the scene, you will have to play unconscious – if selected, this will work for several days throughout the episodes. We are looking for fresh faces to the show only, no hospital regulars.
Also keep in mind that is the photo submission to the director, do NOT submit if you do NOT fit that the director is looking for.To be considered for photo submission, call the following line: 818-325-2049. This phone line is currently working and we are only looking for those registered with Jeff Olan Casting ONLY.”
Source: Jeff Olan Casting & Productions
To register visit www.JeffOlanCasting.com

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