Casting CallsGarner Spotlight with Meow Wolf Print and Video Campaign's Open Casting Call

Garner Spotlight with Meow Wolf Print and Video Campaign’s Open Casting Call


The entertainment industry is a dynamic, colorful enigma that beckons aspirants with dreams glittering in their eyes. This SEO-optimized long-form article sketches an exciting opportunity currently surfacing in the industry circles: an open casting call for Meow Wolf’s Print and Video campaign. This article will outline the job details, responsibilities, requirements, and compensation, presenting abundantly valuable takeaways.

Key Take Away

  • Meow Wolf’s open casting call is a golden opportunity for diverse, unique individuals aged between 10-80.
  • The shoot takes place over two days in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Applicants will be required to pose for photographs and participate in short video clips.
  • The job responsibilities extend beyond acting and modeling, requiring adaptability, time management, team spirit, and authenticity.
  • This job opportunity is inclusive, welcoming applicants with physical disabilities and from the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Selected participants will be paid a fair sum of $375, inclusive of a buyout.
  • This opportunity provides more than financial rewards, offering massive exposure and experience in the arts and entertainment realm.

Meow Wolf’s Open Casting Call: A Spotlight Opportunity

Meow Wolf, an immersive art production company, offers a lucrative chance for undiscovered talent in its upcoming print and video campaign. This open casting call is a golden gate that can lead you straight to the heart of the industry.

Job Detail

Meow Wolf seeks to shoot over two days in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on December 7 and 8, 2022, for an exciting in-house project. Your role would typically include posing for still photographs and appearing in several short video clips.

Job Responsibilities

Applicants who take up this opportunity will obviously need to pose for professional photographers and perform in front of the camera. However, your responsibilities extend beyond just acting or posing:

1. Adapting to the specific demands of the photographer/filmmaker: Whether it’s changing facial expressions or shifting body language, you need to have versatility in your acting range.

2. Commitment to time schedules: Adhering strictly to timelines and schedules is of utmost importance, given the vast crew and sizable financial implications that are standard for such shoots.

3. Being a Team Player: Working harmoniously with the crew, including photographers, directors, make-up artists, and lighting technicians is key. Your ability to communicate and collaborate will be paramount.

4. Bringing Authenticity: Apart from required posing and acting, you should be able to bring a slice of your personality to the project, adding to its vibrancy and appeal.


Vincent Chandler, the casting director, emphasizes the need for diverse, unique individuals aged between 10 and 80 with expressive, unique looks and personalities. Applicants with physical disabilities and those belonging to the LGBTQ+ community are highly encouraged. Please note that this casting call is not limited by professional experience; whether you’re a seasoned actor or a fledgling model, if you’re expressive, you’re suitable.

Compensation Details

In light of the ongoing discussions and public sentiment around fair pay in the arts, Meow Wolf has ensured transparency in this regard. Selected applicants will be compensated $375 for their participation in the photoshoot/video shoot, which is inclusive of a buyout.

In conclusion, this open casting call by Meow Wolf is more than just a job offer – it’s an opportunity to get featured in a project crafted by an organization that prides itself in creating immersive, otherworldly art experiences. More than the compensatory financial benefits, this opportunity gives you the chance to learn, explore, and most importantly, be seen. So, step into the light and let your talents shine. Remember, this is your stage, and it’s time to dazzle.

Looking to uncover more such opportunities? Follow us as we bring you the latest developments from the world of glamour and let us guide you through your path in the entertainment industry.


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