Former Nickelodeon 'All That' Child Star Says She Was Abused on Set [VIDEO]

Former child star says she was abused on set of Nickelodeon's All That. 

All That's Angelique Bates, one of the stars of the show, is speaking out about the abuse she faced on set of the show when she was only a child. Speaking to The Shade RoomBates goes into detail about her experience on set, which occurred at the hands of her own mother. “I was only 12 years old and that’s when my nightmare began,” she recalls. “I was physically, emotionally, mentally abused in front of the producers and cast members. Sometimes they could even hear me yelling, but nothing was done to help me.” Bates points out that in 1996, Child Protective Services had to be called to the set, but nothing changed. “When CPS came, I was pressured by all the adults that were sent to protect me to stay silent," she says. "I did, and I have, but I can no longer stay silent.” There's an upcoming All That reunion coming soon, which is intended to include original episodes with voice over commentary featuring the original cast, but it looks as though Bates will not be a part of that reunion special.

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