Casting Calls$3000 Ford Commercial Casting Call for Lead Roles

$3000 Ford Commercial Casting Call for Lead Roles


The vivacious entertainment industry is a bustling world of creativity and talent, teeming with countless opportunities for those with a knack for performance, drama, and charisma. A melting pot of diverse talents, the industry continues to infuse new energy and bold talent into its rich tapestry.

One such life-changing opportunity is knocking on the doors of passionate and talented individuals – the Ford Commercial Casting Call. This casting call brings forth an exciting chance to associate with a globally renowned brand – Ford. So get ready to explore this astounding opportunity and broaden your horizons in the realm of entertainment.

Job Detail

Unveiling a promising chance, the Ford Commercial Casting Call is seeking talented-actors to participate in their upcoming advertising campaign. Participants, regardless of their professional background, can apply, showcasing their acting abilities and distinct skills. However, this project specifically requires actors who possess a valid driving license and are incredibly comfortable driving manual transmission cars.

Responsibilities range from demonstrating your artistic flair on camera to engaging in virtual modifications based on the creative direction of the ad. It is an excellent opportunity to experiment with various acting styles, leave a lasting impact on the audience, and become an integral part of the advertisement’s success.

Job Location

The Ford Commercial Casting Call event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. The spectacular city, known for its pioneering significance in the entertainment industry, is an epicenter of thrilling opportunities and innovative ideas.

Job Responsibilities

As an actor for the Ford Commercial Casting Call, you’ll be entrusted with several responsibilities, and each one is instrumental in bringing the advertisement to light. These responsibilities include:

1. Portraying a character in sync with the creative vision of the director.
2. Following the instructions of the director to ensure an authentic performance.
3. Participating in script readings and rehearsals.
4. Demonstrating driving skills, as required by the role.
5. Coordinating with other crew members and actors to ensure smooth operation behind the scenes and on-camera.


For those interested in the Ford Commercial Casting Call, there are particular requirements you must meet to qualify. These include:

1. Participants should be within the age range of 18 – 40 years.
2. Individuals must have a vivid on-camera presence and acting abilities.
3. They should have a valid driver’s license.
4. Prior experience with manual transmission vehicles is essential.


Taking part in the Ford Commercial Casting Call not only brings a boost to your exposure in the entertainment industry but also brings in a lucrative pay. The remuneration amount will be $3000, providing a significant addition to your income source.

Key Takeaways

The Ford Commercial Casting Call presents an opportunity like no other. It encompasses exposure, experience, and monetary reward, and more importantly, you get to enjoy every minute of it. Consider this as a stepping stone towards your dream in the world of entertainment.

In this fast-paced digital age, online job platforms like Project Casting are reshaping and revolutionizing the entertainment industry’s recruitment process. They provide a reliable, efficient, and effective platform for both job seekers and recruiters to connect. In this light, the Ford Commercial Casting Call acts as a beacon of hope for talents ready to embark on their artistic journey.

Remember, opportunities like these don’t knock often. So, step into the limelight with the Ford Commercial Casting Call and experience the thrill of the entertainment industry. The world of acting awakens, and it’s time to respond to the call!


In sum, this Ford Commercial Casting Call is a unique experience combining creativity and income in a rewarding blend. The audition promises to be more than just a job—it’s a career opportunity that could catapult you into the limelight of the entertainment world.

Are you ready to fast-track your aspirations in the entertainment industry? Then, polish your acting prowess, get behind the wheel, and drive yourself to the venue of the Ford Commercial Casting Call. Waiting for you there could be the opportunity of a lifetime – your one-way ticket into the thriving panorama of entertainment. Buckle up, act it out, and let your acting journey begin.

Whether you’re an aspiring actor or a seasoned thespian, Project Casting has something for everyone. The platform eliminates geographical boundaries and allows talent from across the world to connect with opportunities. Applying for this casting call could be what studio dreams are made of – submit your application today and head down the road to stardom!

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