FORD Commercial Casting Call for Principal Roles

Ford Commercial

Seeking a tall kid for a hilarious Ford commercial: Join the cast today in Cleveland, OH.

Attention, aspiring actors! Angela Boehm Casting is currently looking for a talented young individual to fill a principal role in an exciting 'Ford' commercial. If you're a tall and thin teenager with a knack for comedy, this could be your chance to shine! Read on to learn more about the casting call and how you can join this unique opportunity.

The ongoing 'Ford' commercial campaign has captivated audiences with its ability to capture the subtle dynamics between friends and family. By juxtaposing Chris's grounded and relatable character with the more eccentric and self-absorbed individuals around him, the campaign strikes a chord with viewers. The exchanges between the characters are designed to be interesting, nuanced, and humorous without relying on slapstick or over-the-top humor.

At the center of this commercial, we have Chris—a straight man who plays an essential role in balancing the comedic elements of the storyline. The casting team is searching for a tall and gangly adolescent between 15 and 17 years old, with a height of 6'2" to 6'4". The chosen actor must embody the appearance of an awkward teenager rather than a muscular athlete. So, if you have a slight build and a natural talent for humor, this could be the perfect role for you!

The selected actor will be able to showcase their skills on June 19th at the shoot location in Cleveland. This is an excellent chance to work alongside industry professionals and gain valuable experience in a professional production setting.

It's important to make a strong impression during auditions, and for this role, the casting team requests that all applicants come dressed in shorts. This requirement will help them assess the physicality and overall appearance of the potential Chris character. So, be sure to wear your most comfortable shorts and bring your A-game!

Confidence and authenticity are key in the audition process, so let your natural talent shine through and make an impression!

If you're a tall and thin teenager who loves to make people laugh, don't miss this incredible casting call for a principal role in a 'Ford' commercial. Join the ranks of talented actors and be part of an ongoing campaign that resonates with audiences through its clever humor and relatable characters. The shoot is scheduled for June 19th in Cleveland, so get your shorts ready and apply now to showcase your skills and make a mark in the entertainment industry. Best of luck!

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FORD Commercial Casting Call for Principal Roles

Angela Boehm Casting is now casting a Tall Kid for a Ford Commercial!

General Notes for the Actors 

This ongoing campaign has had a lot of success playing off of the subtle relationships between friends and family.

Our main character Chris provides a great straight man to the more eccentric/ preoccupied/ self-absorbed people around him.

The exchanges between the characters should be interesting, nuanced and, believable, humorous to the viewer without becoming slapstick or too big.

Shoot Date: June 19th 

Shoot Location: Cleveland

Tall Kid 

Age: 15-17 y/o 

Height: Tall and thin, 6'2 - 6'4 

Gender: Male 

Ethnicity: Any 

- Most importantly is that he appears as a gangly adolescent. Not a muscular serious athlete. Minimum height 6’2 but would love taller as well. 


Rate: SAG Scale

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