$23/Hour Casting Call for Brand Ambassadors

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brand ambassador

Introducing an exciting casting call: $23/hour for brand ambassadors in Pennsylvania.

Are you a fun-loving, charismatic individual with a passion for consumer-driven promotions? Look no further! An incredible opportunity awaits you at the Giant Carlisle in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. They are searching for eight enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors to help make their RE-GRAND OPENING event a resounding success!

The event will be held at the Giant Carlisle store at 2699 Benner Pike, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, 16823 PA. Mark your calendars for June 17, 2023, and prepare for an action-packed day!

This exciting opportunity requires your presence from 9 AM to 4 PM. In return for your dedication and hard work, you will be compensated at an impressive rate of $23 per hour. That's not just a chance to have fun but also a chance to earn some extra cash!

To be considered for this amazing opportunity, there are a few requirements you need to meet. First and foremost, you must be 18 years of age or older. This ensures you can confidently represent the brand and engage with potential customers.

You will also need to bring a small demo table and a black tablecloth. These items will help you showcase the products and create an inviting space for customers to interact with the brand.

Why become a Brand Ambassador?

Being a Brand Ambassador offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in marketing, promotions, and customer engagement. You will have the opportunity to connect with people, share exciting brand messages, and create memorable customer experiences.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will play a crucial role in the RE-GRAND OPENING event, generating enthusiasm and raising awareness about the Giant Carlisle store. By representing the brand with your contagious energy and vibrant personality, you will contribute to a memorable and successful event.

Not only will you gain valuable experience in brand promotion, but you will also have the chance to network with professionals in the industry. This casting call is a stepping stone towards expanding your horizons and exploring future opportunities in marketing and promotions.

Take advantage of this exciting casting call for Brand Ambassadors! Join the team at the Giant Carlisle store in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, and participate in their remarkable RE-GRAND OPENING event. With a competitive hourly rate of $23 and a chance to engage with consumers, this opportunity promises to be both rewarding and unforgettable.

So, dust off your small demo table, grab your black tablecloth, and get ready to make a lasting impression. Apply today and step into the world of brand promotion as a charismatic and consumer-driven Brand Ambassador!

How to apply?

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$23/Hour Casting Call for Brand Ambassadors


Looking for a fun, charismatic, and consumer-driven brand ambassador to help promote a RE-GRAND OPENING event at Giant Carlisle in Bellefonte, PA!

This event needs 8 Brand Ambassadors! 

Location: 2699 Benner Pike, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, 16823 PA

Date: 6/17/23

Hours: 9AM-4PM

Must be 18+ 

Must have small demo table and black tablecloth

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