Casting CallsExceptional Opportunity: Non-Union Re-Creation Talent Required for an Inspirational Documentary Series

Exceptional Opportunity: Non-Union Re-Creation Talent Required for an Inspirational Documentary Series


Ever dreamed of showcasing your acting prowess in a fascinating docu-series? An exhilarating opportunity awaits non-union talents interested in re-creation roles in a compelling documentary series. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to delve into an intriguing, real-life narrative and convey it with emotive performances.

Key Takeaways:

  • Authentic non-union acting role in an immersive documentary series
  • Flexibility to portray a diverse range of emotions and character traits
  • Explore a riveting, real-life narrative through your performance
  • Opportunity to work with a dynamic, professional production team
  • Excellent pay commensurate with your talent and time invested

The Role: Embracing the Art of Re-Creation

Stepping away from traditional acting parameters, this role will require non-union talent to re-create individual personas and real-life situations. The focus is to portray the storyline with authenticity, taking audiences through an array of emotions whilst keeping the narrative’s essence intact. This involves maintaining a delicate balance between script adherence and improvisation, underscoring the talent’s acting ability and versatility.

Exploring the Documentary Genre 

Working on a documentary series is a unique experience, distinct from classic film or theater roles. The series will focus on retelling factual accounts with a captivating play of emotion and character portrayal. A talented cast will recreate the emotional moments that shaped the original narrative to stimulate audiences’ curiosity and emotional engagement.

Job Details 

Coming on board as a non-union re-creation talent, your primary duty will be breathing life into a real-world narrative by re-enacting key moments. Your character may evolve throughout the series, commanding a higher level of complexity compared to traditional roles. Alongside performing within a professional production environment, you may need to deliver emotionally charged performances to communicate the story convincingly.

Job Responsibilities 

Your responsibilities as a non-union re-creation talent will include:

  • Adding depth to the documentary narrative through skilled acting
  • Harnessing a profundity of emotional range in performances
  • Provision of articulate, expressive performances that echo real-life experiences
  • Collaborating effectively with the entire production team

Job Requirements 

As a potential candidate for a non-union re-creation talent, you should:

  • Be a non-union performer, with previous acting experience preferred 
  • Display exceptional emotional range and strong character development skills 
  • Be comfortable tackling diverse roles across varying scenarios 
  • Be open to direction and improvisation within the context of the story 


The remuneration for this role is extremely competitive and commensurate with your talent, dedication, and time commitment to the project.

In conclusion, this casting call extends a dynamic opportunity for non-union performers who can capture the essence of real-life characters and events. Engaging in such a project can add significant value to an acting portfolio, reflecting versatility and the ability to perform in diverse settings.

So, if you have the uncanny skill of merging your own emotions with those of relatable characters and can effectively retell an intriguing narrative, don’t miss out on this compelling casting call. It could be the audition that propels your acting career forward and crafts a tale that leaves audiences across the globe moved and inspired. Apply now and embark on this invaluable acting journey.

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Megan Diane
Megan Diane
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