'Drop Dead Diva' Season 6 Casting Call for New Talent in Atlanta

Casting directors for 'Drop Dead Diva' are looking for talent to work on a scene filming tomorrow, March 5th in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Marinella casting posted a casting call looking for people to work a cafe/bar scene and city office workers for a federal courtroom scene. They are looking new talent to work in the production. For more details see the casting call below:  
DROP DEAD DIVA NOW CASTING! SHOOTS IN PEACHTREE CITY, GA *FRESH FACES* WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR PEOPLE FOR CAFE/BAR SCENES TOMORROW, MARCH 5TH. ****FRESH FACES!! PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU HAVE WORKED IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS. **** We are looking for CITY OFFICE WORKERS. Ages 20-35 years old. Will work in a FEDERAL COURTROOM SCENE ALSO. Must be extremely groomed/federal or corporate look. MEN MUST BE CLEAN SHAVEN OR WILLING TO SHAVE. Extremely polished. Subject line: CITY OFFICE 3/5 We are looking for HOT WAITRESSES. Ages 19-30. Must have business attire to be used in another scene. If you have waitress experience, please list in your email. If not, please submit also. Subject Line: HOT WAITRESS 3/5 We are looking for BAILIFFS! Men ages 22-35. All ethnicities welcome to apply. We are looking for BUFF MEN, Good looking, fit, clean shaven, athletic build. Please list neck size and waist size in your submission email. Subject Line: BAILIFF 3/5 We are looking for CAFE PATRONS! All ethnicities welcome, ages 19-40. Anyone who would be hanging around in a cafe on their lunch break or on their day off. Men must be clean shaven, or willing to shave. Subject Line: CAFE PATRONS 3/5 We are looking for CAFE WORKERS! All ethnicities welcome. Poeple who would be working at a cafe, part time. Subject line: CAFE WORKERS 3/5 We are looking for BAR PATRONS (FRESH FACES). All ethnicities welcome. Ages 19-40. Young, hip, L.A. after work martini type bar. Trendy people, fun looks. Please submit in what you are thinking of wearing should you be hired. Subject Line: BAR PATRON 3/5 ********** Please submit photos of you in whatever wardrobe you plan on wearing/bringing with you so we can see what you would look like,*THIS WILL HELP YOU GET HIRED*. Impress us! You also would have to have THE ENTIRE DAY AVAILABLE. Also if you live farther away, please consider staying with a friend in the Atlanta area for the night, and perhaps even telling them to submit so you can carpool. Make sure ALL OF YOUR INFO is included in the email. What we need is listed below. Feel free to COPY AND PASTE: 1. Name 2. Age 3. Height 4. Weight 5. Measurements (Men: Neck/Waist; Women: Dress/Pant) 6. CONTACT INFORMATION (cell phone) 7. Availability depending on post 8. Location (City) 9. 3 Photos (One full body, one waist up and one close up) The work date for this is 3/5/14. Please send your emails to [email protected]! Thank you all for your submissions, and looking forward to seeing more!! ____________ SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY: Company policy requires that you keep secret all scripts, spoilers, plot twists, show outcomes and all other show information that is not public knowledge. Accordingly: DO NOT post "behind the scenes" photos or video where confidential or proprietary information could be revealed such as design of our sets or the identity of talent, guest actors, etc. DO NOT post any Company material (including scripts, show info, photos, video, etc.) whether published or unpublished. Online and other conduct that violates the Company's policies or these guidelines could subject you to disciplinary action up to and including termination, so please take these matters seriously.