Dallas Casting Calls: Indie Film "Glow" Open Casting Casting Call

Sarah Dowling Casting recently posted the following independent film OPEN CASTING CALL: Andrew Allen, director of the feature indie film, GLOW, will be holding an OPEN CASTING CALL in DALLAS, this SUNDAY, MARCH 24th. This is the same film I've been holding auditions for here in Austin, so if you've already come in to audition, no need to audition again. For those who have not auditioned, we'd love to see you at the call.  




LOCATION: 6301 Gaston Avenue, Suite 813, Dallas, TX, 75214. This is in the WELLS FARGO building.

please note: There are multiple entrances to the building. One entrance faces GastonAvenue. The other entrance faces Alderson St. Please use the Alderson entrance.   ROLES AVAILABLE:   TRE': (African American, age 22-35) –  Relaxed, good natured. Basketball player build. Family man whose past has influenced the person he is today. Feels a responsibility towards becoming a good man, and his relationship to his wife helps him get there. Should be able to play ages 20-35. Must be comfortable changing hair and gaining weight if needed.   QUANISHA (African American or Hispanic, age 20-35) – Hard worker. Constantly balances her naturally sweet and good-natured side with her anger and disappointment with the men in her life. Grew up in a poor part of town, and still carries that with her.   MIKE (Caucasian, 35-55) - Handsome politician and powerful alpha male to the outside world. Can be passive with his family, and more logical than compassionate. He would rather be right than make things right. Holds onto his pride as being "the sane one" in his marriage.   DENISE (Caucasian, 30-55) – Trying to be loved and get it right but often feels like she is fighting her husband and playing second fiddle parent to their children. May have a mental illness or just a deep sadness   CAREY (Caucasian, 17-22) - Smart, attractive daughter of Mike and Denise. She’s mature, but feels the weight of keeping her family together. Has developed a goofiness to help her little brother (and perhaps herself) grow up in such an unhealthy emotional environment.   PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to submit to come to this casting. Please just show up anytime between 3PM and 7PM.   Thanks!