'Crafted for Christmas' Chicago Casting Call For Extras


Happy young woman opening a Christmas present box

"Crafted for Christmas" feature film casting call for extras in Chicago, Illinois.

Casting directors are now casting extras to work on scenes filmed in Long Grove, Illinois on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. 

Producers are looking for the following talent: 

  • A UNION African American Female, 45-60 years old
    • 5'7"-5'8"
    • Size: 6
    • Bust: 34
    • Waist: 27
    • Hips: 35
    • Shoes: 8

How to apply?

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"Crafted for Christmas" Casting Call

'Crafted for Christmas', this story follows an idealistic TV producer who is assigned a puff piece about a Christmas toy manufacturer over the holidays and the charming toymaker who inspires her to search her heart to find true happiness.

We are still going through the RESIGNATION PILOT submissions to cast that show.

This MOVIE is supposed to look like action taking place in Brunswick, Iowa farming town.

For Day 1 (which is this WEDNESDAY, 11-30), we will be filming way up north in LONG GROVE, Illinois. Please make sure you have reliable transportation or live close by. Since we only need a few 'townspeople', we would prefer submitting those that have worked with us in the past for these roles to know their professionalism and dependability.

Rate of Pay: $123.20 for up to 8 hours, plus time and one half overtime if applicable. Free parking.

Covid testing will be on site prior to check in so no extra days needed to be available. Just the one. This production is not requiring covid vaccinations either.

Must be at least 18 years old. Casting 18 and older. If a child is needed, will have a post later. All ethnicities and genders.

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Acting Tips for Aspiring Actors

  1. Get an agent: Signing up with a reputable and experienced talent agency is one of the most critical steps to achieving success as an actor. Agents have access to more casting opportunities than you would on your own, so they can best serve your career by helping to land roles that match your interests and experience.
  2. Take classes: Taking acting classes can help you learn new techniques, develop your skills and even build a network of contacts. Working with experienced professionals will also give you invaluable feedback to help you improve. It would be best if you also took the time to watch films and regular plays to observe different acting styles, storytelling methods, and pacing.
  3. Build a portfolio: A portfolio is an essential tool for actors, showcasing your skills and experience. Your portfolio should include headshots, resumes, and samples of past work. Having a solid portfolio can help you secure auditions with casting directors and potential agents.
  4. Network: Building a network is key to breaking into the entertainment industry. You should be active in local theater scenes or join an improv group to meet other aspiring actors and make connections in the business. Networking will also increase your chances of gaining access to castings and auditions that could lead to significant roles.
  5. Practice Self-Promotion: Aspiring actors need to be their best advocates for marketing themselves and their skills. You should create a website or social media profile to post your portfolio, acting reel, and other materials showing your talent. You can also attend events related to the entertainment industry, such as film festivals and conventions, to meet potential employers.
  6. Persevere: The entertainment industry is highly competitive, and success does not happen overnight. However, with dedication and hard work, you will eventually get noticed for the right reasons. Keep honing your craft and remain open to feedback to have the best chance of getting seen by industry professionals. With perseverance, you will be able to make it big in acting!

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