Conservative Political Shoot Virginia Casting Call


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Embodying roles: Richmond, VA.

Every detail matters in the dynamic world of political discourse and visual storytelling – from the script to the actors who breathe life into the characters. A unique opportunity has arisen for individuals with a flair for performance and a passion for conservative ideals. If you've ever dreamt of stepping into the shoes of a character that symbolizes more than meets the eye, this casting call might just be your chance to shine. Read on to discover the exciting details of the Conservative Political Shoot's Robber Role casting call.

The role of the Robber is a key component of an upcoming conservative political shoot scheduled on August 30 in the heart of Richmond, VA. The selected candidates will find themselves in the spotlight of a scripted scene designed to convey a poignant political message. The Robber is not merely a character; it represents values and ideas that echo the sentiments of a specific ideological viewpoint.

The chosen actor must commit approximately 5-6 hours to the shoot. As part of the audition process, interested individuals are expected to submit a self-tape that showcases their ability to embody the Robber's traits and actions as directed by the production team. This audition is the gateway to a role that offers the chance to contribute to a compelling narrative through your performance.

The Robber's character calls for a male actor in the 30s-50s. Ethnicity-wise, candidates of Caucasian descent are being sought to fill this role. The character's physical appearance is characterized by a solid and commanding stature, a visual representation of the convictions they stand for. A distinctive and significant facial hair presence, preferably a substantial beard, further adds to the unique and captivating essence of the Robber.

In recognition of the time and dedication required for the role, the selected actor will receive a payment of $750. Additionally, the production team is open to negotiations concerning travel and accommodations for those candidates who may need them.

As the curtain rises on this conservative political shoot, the Robber role is a testament to the power of performance and storytelling in conveying complex ideas. If you're a male actor passionate about politics and have a knack for embodying characters with depth, this casting call is your invitation to make a significant impact. Prepare your self-tape, don the persona of the Robber, and be part of a narrative that seeks to captivate, enlighten, and inspire.

Remember, within the world of acting, roles aren't just lines on a script – they're opportunities to make an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of the audience. Will you be the one to bring the Robber to life and leave an impression that resonates far beyond the screen? The stage is set, and the character is waiting – will you answer the call?

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Conservative Political Shoot Virginia Casting Call

Job Details: We are casting for the role of a Robber for a conventional political shoot scheduled on August 30 in Richmond, VA. The node will require the selected candidate to be on set for approximately 5-6 hours. So, as you know, this role will require a self-tape audition.

Job Responsibilities: As the Robber, you will play a pivotal role in a scripted scene highlighting a specific political message. Your character will be featured in a short sequence emphasizing particular values and ideas. You must embody the character's traits and actions as directed by the production team while following the script and guidelines.


  • Gender: Male
  • Age Range: 30s-50s
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Physical Appearance: Strong and enormous stature
  • Facial Hair: Significant facial hair, preferably a big beard


  • Payment: $750
  • Additional Compensation: Travel and accommodations negotiable if applicable

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