Commercial Casting Call for Latin Babies

Baby Casting Call

Baby Casting Call

Exciting commercial casting call for Latin babies: Be the star in Atlanta, GA.

Are you the proud parent of an adorable Latin mix baby? Do you envision your little one capturing hearts on the big screen? We have an incredible opportunity for your little star to shine! A highly anticipated commercial seeks an exceptional Latin mix baby to be part of their production. Get ready to see your little one become the face of a memorable advertisement!

The casting call is specifically looking for a Latin mix baby under 20 months old who can say "ABU." This is an exciting chance for your little bundle of joy to showcase their budding talents! The callback will take place on Thursday, June 1, via Zoom, providing a convenient and accessible platform for parents and their little ones to participate.

If your child is chosen for this fantastic opportunity, a fitting session is scheduled for June 15 or 16. This will ensure the perfect fit for their adorable outfit, allowing them to look their best for the commercial shoot.

The shoot will take place between June 20 and June 23, with your little star participating for just one day. The shoot location is set in the vibrant city of Atlanta, so make sure you and your little one are local to the area.

Being part of a commercial shoot is an exciting and rewarding experience for parents and babies. Your little one will have the chance to showcase their charisma and charm, all while creating unforgettable memories. On set, a friendly and professional team will always ensure your baby's comfort and safety.

Participating in a commercial can give your little one a unique opportunity to engage with the entertainment world. They will be the center of attention, capturing hearts and spreading joy to viewers. Not only will your baby have an incredible experience, but they may also make lasting connections within the industry.

This commercial casting call for Latin mix babies is an extraordinary opportunity for your little ones to take their first steps into the entertainment world. If you are based in Atlanta and have a charismatic Latin mix baby under 20 months old who can say "ABU," don't miss out on this chance to let their star shine! Submit your application today and get ready to witness the magic of your baby's captivating audiences in a heartwarming commercial. Good luck to all the aspiring little stars out there!

How to apply?

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Commercial Casting Call for Latin Babies


Looking for a:

  • Latin mix baby for a commercial.
  • Under 20 months old needs to say the word "ABU"

Callback: Thursday, June 1 via Zoom

Fitting: June 15 or 16

Shoot: June 20 - June 23 (you will only work one day)

Shoot location: Atlanta

Must be local

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