Channing Tatum's 'Magic Mike XXL' Casting Call for Strippers in Georgia

Magic Mike 2, Magic Mike XXL Casting Call for fit and attractive strippers in Savannah, Georgia.

Casting directors for Magic Mike 2,  'Magic Mike XXL' are currently seeking male strippers to work on scenes in the movie. According to reportsMagic Mike XXL” will be released on July 4th in 2015 and will center on the first film’s male exotic dancers road-tripping to a strippers’ convention.

According to the casting call, casting directors are looking for fit and attractive male strippers to work on scenes filming in Savannah, Georgia.

To audition check out the casting call below:

Magic Mike XXL Casting Call

Good afternoon, everyone! Today we are looking for MALE STRIPPER types.

Please read the following notes and do not submit on this call if you don’t fit.

1) Can not have large tattoos! 2) Looking for great bodies 3) MUST be local to Savannah/ Georgia.

Please submit photos to [email protected] – Subject: Male Stripper.

We have had a number of people submit to be extras from California, Texas. Please do not waste your time or our time by submitting if you can not work in Savannah, GA. And Myrtle Beach people, please hold off until we announce submissions for you guys… that’s the end of the shoot.)

We don’t have a locked schedule and we may be booking you a month in advance or a day before.

I’ve been in casting for 23 years and very, very rarely has someone from out of state worked out for us, so I’m gun shy on casting anyone who doesn’t live within a 4 hour drive.


Do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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