Casting Directors Casting for an Upcoming Action Fighter Film

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Casting Directors are now casting for an upcoming Fighter Film. This will be an Action Thriller filmed in 3D and is a feature film. The upcoming film will be shot in Prague in March 2013. But interviews will begin in September in both Los Angeles and New York City. The Pay rate is $1000/month and per day expenses, travel expenses, as well as accomodations in Prague, Czech republic. The film will be shooting for several months, and will require callbacks to NYC or Los Angeles which will also be covered.
This film is looking for various roles but most importantly, All of the actors must be unknown, and they must be very natural. Ideal opportunity for fighters or stuntmen who wish to break into acting as well.
Casting Breakdown
Major Casting - ALL PAID ! FIGHTER Action thriller filmed in 3D Feature Film Shooting in Prague: March, 2013 Interview Dates: TBA, Sept in L.A. and NYC
Shoot/Start Date: March, 2013 Pay Rate: $1000 per month + per diem, accommodations in Prague and Travel Expenses. Location: Prague, Czech Republic Will be shooting several months, travel to callbacks to NYC or LA will be covered if chosen.IMPORTANT: DO NOT send video attachments, please send only links. (youtube, vimeo, your own website, etc. ) Resume as a fighter or stunt person will help and any pics relating as well with one regular one.DO NOT submit if you will not be able to commit to at least 6 months in Prague for the shoot, could be more. DO NOT submit if you have no experience fighting, as this may cause injuries for lack of fighting experience in settings like these. DO NOT submit if you will not be able to have a valid passport avail to travel. Short synopsis An action thriller about European fights without rules. Alan grew up in a tough New York neighborhood and became one of the best cage fighters. But now he’s in a bad financial situation and decided to try fighting without rules. The toughest of these take place in Central Europe, in Prague. Rick is an American promoter who helps him get there, and he also puts together a team of filmmakers who will film everything. The fights are a lot tougher than he expected, and because of this he finds himself into a situation from which there is no escape; the only thing that could help him is a miracle. He also finds out that the fights are a cover for a much more profitable business organized by the Eastern European mafia. All of the actors must be unknown, and they must be very natural. Ideal opportunity for fighters or stuntmen who wish to break into acting as well. Description of characters: Alan American, age 20 to 35. He is still an active and very good judo fighter who grew up in a neighborhood where he fought almost every day. There were a lot of gangs in that neighborhood, but he didn’t want to be in any of them. Thus he learned the foundations of other martial arts so that he could defend himself. He became a great fighter and even made his living by fighting in cages some time ago. He is very ambitious and knows what he wants. He has a sense for family and is willing to take risks to help someone. He should be a larger athletic character with a high charisma, and he could also have tattoos. He is rather secretive character. We need someone who is an athlete, fighter, stuntman, or extremely physically capable in order to make the fights look real. Types: The Rock, Vin Diesel, Tom Hardy, Channing Tatum, Jason Statham Kenny American (or English) age 25 to 35. An avid filmmaker who films all kinds of matches (street fights, cage fights, etc.) and is passionate about every thrilling filming. He should be of a small to medium build and is a bit quirky. He could be completely tattooed. He has a great sense of humor and almost never shuts his mouth. Rick American, age 45 – 55. It is apparent that at one time he was also a fighter, but it was a long a time ago. He is intelligent with manipulative tendencies. He is deceitful, but always manages to somehow excuse his lies, and he is able to justify everything to himself so that he never feels bad about doing something. He loves money and his world revolves around it. He is of a medium build. Could be italian mafia type like Ray Liotta or could be any Mafia type found in NYC. Troy American, age 25 – 40. Unpleasant to look at; a muscleman who isn’t overly intelligent and who does everything he is told. He should be of a taller build. He is a former MMA fighter who had been caught several times for doping, and he’s been banned from fighting professionally forever. He is very aggressive. Types: Stone Cold or Brock Lesnar. This could be a real fighter who wants to break into acting. WE ARE ASKING FOR ALL ACTOR TO AUDITION IN ADVANCE AND WE WILL HOLD CALL BACKS IN LA and NYC at the end of September. At the beginning, all of the characters, with the exception of Kenny and Rick, should say whether they had been fighters or been involved in some kind of sport. Please show us a wide frame shot, without a shirt off (if auditioning for Alan or Troy) as well as a close up. Monologue can be delivered as a medium shot. THERE ARE NO SIDES. ACTORS SHOULD PLEASE IMPROVISE A MONOLOGUE, BASED ON THE SITUATIONS OUTLINED BELOW. Roles: Alan Age 20-35. Alan has just finished a tough cage match without rules. He won, but he has a broken hand and is terribly beat up. Tomorrow he has an even tougher match ahead of him. He realizes that to win in this condition will be very difficult, almost impossible. He is in his apartment, where his friend Kenny is persuading him to give up tomorrow’s fight; he tells him that his life is at stake and that it’s not worth it. Kenny films the matches and has only known Alan briefly, but he likes him very much. Alan stays silent and just listens. All is quiet for a moment. Then Alan confides in Kenny why he must fight the next day – he needs money for his younger brother, who is seriously ill and has no health insurance. His family had already spent all the money they had, but it still wasn’t enough. If he doesn’t make the money, his brother will die, and so he is willing to die and he has to fight. Alan is tough, but we see he’s hit rock bottom. But he is determined not to give up, no matter the cost. The entire scene is Alan’s monologue; we do not see or hear anyone else. Alan is not wearing a shirt so that we can see his build. Kenny Kenny is in his room and is talking about what just happened in the match he’d just filmed. Alan, his friend, fought two men at once and managed to win. He is hurt, but he won the match. Kenny is excited about this and is constantly praising Alan. He is also thrilled about the fact that he has great material for the documentary he is filming about fighters. After each match he interviews the fighters, and the he films himself in his room where he comments on everything, just like he is doing now. He tries to be funny and to portray everything in way that will capture the interest of the viewers, for whom he is making the documentary. He is very natural and does not act like a moderator. At the end of the monologue, he seriously ponders over what might happen in the next match which awaits Alan tomorrow; he could end up in a wheelchair or even die. Rick Rick has arrived at Alan’s home. Alan has just finished a tough cage match. He won the match, but he is terribly beat up. He is lying in bed and has just told Rick that he’s done and that he won’t be fighting tomorrow. Rick begins convincing him to keep fighting, offering him an additional 10 thousand USD if he fights on. He can do everything in his power to motivate him to fight the next day. He has to convince him. The truth is that he has bet a lot of money on him, and the bet can’t be taken back. If Alan doesn’t fight, then Rick will lose everything and he will owe money to the mafia, which would have him killed. But he can’t tell Alan about this; he has to cleverly convince him so that he doesn’t suspect anything. TROY Troy is at home on his computer skyping with someone who owes his boss 10 000 USD. He’s trying to scare him as much as possible so that he pays. He might be threatening him and his family – whatever it takes. He has a day to get the money from the person. He either has a tank top on or is wearing no shirt. If he doesn’t get the money then his boss will fire him. 1.) IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE THAT THE ACTORS WHO WE HIRE ARE NOT RECOGNIZABLE AS ACTORS. WE ARE OPEN TO FIGHTERS AND STUNT MEN WITH ACTING TALENT. WE ARE LOOKING FOR STRICTLY UNKNOWN ACTORS. 2.) PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR UNKNOWN ACTORS. ALL ACTORS MUST SUBMIT A TAPED MONOLOGUE AS PER INSTRUCTIONS. 3.) This is and exciting, cutting edge project. It is non-union, and a breakthrough opportunity for unknown actors. The pay scale is very low but all travel and accommodation costs to Prague, Czech Republic will be covered. The project is designed in such a way that audiences will think they are watching something real. So this is why we need anonymity from the actors. Fighters can be known for fighting, but should not be known as actors, specially in Europe films or tv shows.
To apply email your headshot, video monologue, and resume to [email protected]