Casting Call for Florida Moms in Several Grocery Store Commercials

Casting directors are now seeking Florida Moms for an upcoming Grocery Store Commercial filming in the Tampa and Orlando area.

247 Cast- Heinz Productions recently posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook page:

ONGOING ~ Need LOTS OF Florida Moms to be in Grocery Store Commercials. Please post when ever you have a chance. We will now be filming EVERY week in the Tampa area (Spanish and English), Orlando area (Spanish and English) and the Jacksonville area (English). So we need lot's and lots of REAL moms! (NON ACTORS) Heinz Casting located in the Backlot of Universal Studios Orlando NEEDS ENGLISH & SPANISH SPEAKING MOMS IN FLORIDA! * We are casting for "Real moms" (not professional actresses) that are interested in being in a commercial!! PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! *IF CAST THIS IS PAID $250.00 GIFT CARD! * Please cut and paste the questions below, answer them email them to [email protected] ASAP! Need real moms (25-50 years old) (Non-professional actors) Those chosen to film the commercial will receive a $250.00 Gift card from the national chain store!! **** MANY, MANY WILL BE CAST! *** This is an on going commercial! 1) What is your name, age, and address and cell phone number? ( We need your address or at least your town and zip code because the moms we choose must live within 20 miles of the stores that we are filming in.) 2) How many children do you have? What are their ages? 3) Do you shop at Publix? What percentage do you shop there.? (ex. 70 %, 80%, 90% or more) 4) Have you ever been paid to be an actor? 5) Have you ever worked or had any business dealings with Walmart (other than shopping there)? 6) Do you speak ENGLISH AND/OR SPANISH? 7) Are you available on Tuesdays? (We generally film on Tuesdays.) Have a great day!