Casting CallsCaliforniaCasting Call for a "Maggie" Photo Double in Los Angeles

Casting Call for a “Maggie” Photo Double in Los Angeles


In the vibrant world of Hollywood, where stars twinkle in front of the camera, every opportunity represents a step closer to your dreams. It’s time to put your acting skills to the test as a photo double for Maggie in an exciting new project set in the city where dreams come true, Los Angeles.

This is a golden opportunity for all the aspiring actresses who closely fit the description needed for the Maggie character. Could this be your next break in the industry? There’s only one way to find out!

Key Takeaways

• Great opportunity for a “Maggie” photo double in Los Angeles
• A successful candidate would resemble Maggie in the complexion, hair color, height, and body type
• Potential for more work if you’re the right fit
• Job offers competitive compensation

Unveiling “Maggie” Role

This undefined endeavor is keen on recruiting a photo double for a character named Maggie. Serving as a photo double is an intriguing responsibility. Your face may not be in the spotlight, but your presence brings the character to life.

In essence, you become the character’s other self, portraying them from different camera angles or during strenuous parts of shots. This, undoubtedly, enhances the overall visual continuity of the filming project. With your talent and dedication, you’ll have a hand in sculpting the appeal of the character, Maggie.

Job Details

As a photo double for Maggie, your role is crucial in maintaining visual continuity throughout the project. Your tasks will mainly encompass standing in for Maggie during certain shots of the shoot. This is a one-day project, but there could be potential for more work, considering the nature of the entertainment industry and the needs of this specific role.

Job Responsibilities

As Maggie’s photo double, you’ll be responsible for:

1. Representing the character when she’s not in the frame
2. Understanding the character’s unique qualities to reflect them in your representation
3. Cooperate with the other cast and crew members for seamless execution of the scenes
4. Being prompt and present on the set on the scheduled shooting day

Job Requirements

To qualify for this role, you’ll need to match Maggie’s physical characteristics as closely as possible. Specifically,:

• Female, age 18-30 years
• Height: 5’4″-5’6″
• Size: 6
• Caucasian with dirty blonde hair

On top of these, you should have a professional attitude, fantastic communication skills, and the ability to closely follow directions.


Rest assured, your efforts in bringing Maggie to life won’t go unnoticed. The project offers competitive compensation, which is surely a cherry on top of this exciting opportunity.

Can you imagine being a part of a captivating production process as Maggie’s photo double? This could be your chance to brush shoulders with Hollywood insiders, learn from seasoned professionals, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of Maggie herself!

As you prepare for this audition, remember that this isn’t just a job, it’s an opportunity to showcase your incredible acting abilities. You never know when a role as vital as this could be the stepping stone to a more significant role or even stardom in the future.

Curiosity piqued? Don’t delay. Potential fame awaits! Head over to the Project Casting platform to apply. Who knows? This could be your next major break in the industry! We’re waiting to see you shine as Maggie’s other self.

Apply now!

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