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Bud Light Commercial Casting Call


Unleash your skills: Bud Light commercial casting call in Colorado!

Are you a seasoned bartender with a flair for the dramatic? Or you’re a skilled catcher with an impressive one-handed grab. If you’re nodding, this casting call is tailor-made for you!

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Expert Bartenders (Ages 32-45):

The Bud Light casting team is searching for experienced bartenders who can bring the party to life. This could be your big break if you’re between 32 and 45. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Showmanship Skills: We want bartenders who can add style and flair to their craft. You’re on the right track if you can rock those bottle spins, shaker spins, and tosses with confidence.
  • Unique Shtick: Do you have a signature move or entertaining routine that patrons love? Bud Light wants you to showcase your unique and crowd-pleasing shtick.
  • Bartending Duties: During the shoot, you’ll perform bartending duties and create the perfect atmosphere.

2. Expert Catchers (Ages 30-50):

If you have a knack for making incredible catches, especially on the run, this could be your time to shine. Here’s what we’re looking for in our expert catchers:

  • Impressive One-Handed Catches: Confidence in making one-handed catches is key. We’re in search of individuals who can pull off those jaw-dropping grabs.
  • Athletic Background: Ideal candidates include current or former athletes who may be past their prime but possess exceptional skills. If you have football experience, that’s a significant plus.
  • Open to Friend Groups: You and your friends can apply together if you’re all interested in being part of this incredible opportunity.

Requirements and Compensation

1. Expert Bartenders (Ages 32-45):

To be eligible, you should have proven experience as a bartender and be at least 32 years old. Your ability to showcase style, flair, and showmanship while bartending is a must, and you must be available for the specified shooting dates.

2. Expert Catchers (Ages 30-50):

For our expert catchers, proven skills in catching objects on the run are essential. You should be confident in making one-handed catches and preferably have football experience. You must also be available for the specified shooting dates.

Compensation and Union Status

The compensation for this opportunity is based on the SAG/AFTRA scale. Union status is SAG/AFTRA, so you know you’re in good hands.

Audition Information

Self-Tapes Due by Tuesday, 10/17: Make sure to submit your self-tapes by the deadline for your chance to shine in the Bud Light commercial.

Shooting Schedule:

  • Fitting: 10/28-29
  • Shoot: 10/30

Take your chance to participate in the Bud Light commercial and showcase your incredible skills. This is a unique opportunity to join a fun and dynamic team, so get your self-tapes ready and apply today!

Bud Light is ready to raise the bar; you could be behind it!

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How to apply?

Check out the casting call breakdown below to audition for a role in the upcoming casting call.

Bud Light Commercial Casting Call

Job Detail:

Title: Bud Light


  1. Expert Bartenders (32-45 years old)
  2. Expert Catchers (30-50 years old)

Job Responsibilities:

Expert Bartenders (32-45 years old):

  • We are seeking experienced bartenders with style and flair.
  • Must possess showmanship skills, including bottle spins, shaker spins, and tosses.
  • Have a unique and entertaining shtick that people love to see.
  • Perform bartending duties during the shoot.

Expert Catchers (30-50 years old):

  • We are looking for skilled individuals capable of making impressive catches on the run.
  • You must be confident in catching one-handed.
  • Ideal candidates include current or former athletes past their prime but still possess exceptional skills.
  • Football experience is a significant plus.
  • Open to friend groups to apply together if interested.


Expert Bartenders (32-45 years old):

  • Proven experience as a bartender with a minimum age of 32.
  • Ability to showcase style, flair, and showmanship while bartending.
  • Must be available for the specified shooting dates.

Expert Catchers (30-50 years old):

  • Proven skills in catching objects on the run.
  • Confidence in making one-handed catches.
  • Current or past athletes, preferably with football experience.
  • Availability for the specified shooting dates.


  • SAG/AFTRA Scale

Union Status:


Audition Information:

  • Self Tapes due by Tuesday, 10/17

Shooting Schedule:

  • Fitting: 10/28-29
  • Shoot: 10/30

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