Bravo! Now Casting - Couples Who Are Divorcing


Are you going through a divorce and want help dividing up your assets fairly?

Cornwell Casting and Bravo are looking for couples in the Los Angeles, Miami, and Tri-State area for an exciting new television series.

Let our professional mediator, Vikki Ziegler- and her team of experts tell you what items are worth the most and ultimately help you resolve who gets what in the divorce settlement. Not only will your items be appraised, but you will get your divorce mediation service for free! Let us help you get one step closer to moving on with the rest of your life. Submit to our show today!

To submit for this show, send in your name, contact details, the city you live in, along with photos of you and your soon-to-be ex-husband/wife.

SUBMISSION EMAIL: [email protected]

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