$1500/Day Commercial Boston Casting Call for Female Golfers

Golf Cart Commercial

Golf Cart Commercial

A commercial casting call for female golfers in the Boston Area.

Boston Casting directors are now casting female golfers to work on scenes filmed in Boston Area.


  • Female Golfer for a Commercial Project!
  • Age: 20s-30s
  • Fit and Athletic

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$1500/Day Casting Call for Female Golfers

Female Golfer for a Commercial Project!

  • Age: 20s-30s
  • Fit and Athletic

Shoots: Week of September 26th (likely one shoot day) in the Boston Area

Pay: $1500

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How To Be In A Commercial?

Commercials are a great way to get your message out and reach a broad audience. But how do you get in one?

 Here are a few tips:

  1. Start by contacting your local advertising agencies. Let them know you're interested in being in commercials and see if they have any open auditions or casting calls that you could attend.
  2. If there aren't any open auditions, you can still try submitting an audition tape. Make sure it's professional and high quality and showcases your unique talents.
  3. Once you've submitted an audition tape or attended an open call, the waiting game begins. Be patient and keep your fingers crossed that you'll get called back for a callback or screen test.
  4. If you do get called back, congrats! Now it's time to give it your all and show the casting directors why you're perfect for the role.
  5. From there, it's just waiting to see if you've landed the part. If you don't get the gig, don't get discouraged – keep trying, and eventually, you'll find success.

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