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Freya Allan’s Horror Film “Baghead” to Debut on Shudder and AMC+ in April


Key Takeaways:
– “The Witcher” star Freya Allan is set to appear in the upcoming horror film “Baghead” premiering on Shudder and AMC+ in April.
– The film is an expansion of director Alberto Corredor’s 2017 short film.
– The storyline revolves around a shapeshifting entity that provides grieving individuals with temporary relief for a price.
– Also featuring Jeremy Irvine, Ruby Barker, and others, the movie was released theatrically in the UK in January.

“Baghead,” staring Freya Allan, is set to be available on Shudder and AMC+ from April 5th, following its theatrical release in the UK in January. The highly anticipated film centers around Allan’s character, Iris, inheriting a pub with a mysterious entity in the basement.

From Theater Release to Streaming Services

First announced in 2017, the production of “Baghead” began around late 2021. It is a feature-length expansion of Alberto Corredor’s previously released short film of the same name. Following a robust UK release, the film will now gain wider access to global horror enthusiasts via the streaming platforms Shudder and AMC+.

All about “Baghead”

The narrative of “Baghead” is steeped in intrigue and suspense. Iris learns of her estranged father’s death and that she has inherited his neglected, old pub. Little does she know, taking possession of the pub also means inheriting an unspoken entity in the basement. Known as Baghead, this creature can transform into the dead.

For a payment of two thousand in cash, this shapeshifting creature provides grieving individuals with a moment of relief, allowing them a two-minute session with their deceased loved ones. As Iris navigates her father’s legacy, she grapples with the temptation to exploit Baghead’s power but soon discovers breaking the two-minute rule comes with horrifying consequences.

Notable Cast and Production Team

In addition to Freya Allan in the lead role, “Baghead” features a notable cast including Jeremy Irvine of “War Horse,” Ruby Barker from “Bridgerton,” Ned Dennehy from “Guns Akimbo,” Peter Mullan of “Top of the Lake,” alongside others.

The Picture Company’s Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona produced “Baghead,” facilitated by their deal with Studiocanal. Vertigo’s Roy Lee, Alibi’s Jake Wagner, and Corredor’s short film collaborator Lorcan Reilly served as executive producers. Ron Halpern, Shana Eddy, and Rachel Henchosberg supervised the project on behalf of Studiocanal.

Resonating Themes and Audience Expectations

Director Alberto Corredor described the film as a potent exploration of “family secrets, the depths of grief, and the things best left undisturbed in the basement.” Such a backdrop sets an anticipatory tone for the film’s Shudder and AMC+ debut in April.

“Baghead” promises to bring an intense story to the screens of horror aficionados, with rising star Freya Allan leading the narrative. With its intense storyline and star-studded cast, “Baghead” is poised to garner a significant viewer base across the world. Viewers can look forward to the April arrival on Shudder and AMC+ as they delve into this suspenseful world of grief, secrets, and the supernatural entity known as Baghead.

We encourage readers and horror fans to share their thoughts on “Baghead” once the movie hits the respective streaming platforms this April.

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