Atlanta TV Series is Hiring Production Assistants

According to the Georgia Film, Music, and Digital Entertainment office, production offices are currently seeking a production assistant for a TV network scripted series from January 2013 to March 2013. According to, a production assistant job responsibilities include: "Production Runners are the foot soldiers of a film or television production team, performing small but important tasks in the office, around the set and on location. Their duties may involve anything from office administration to crowd control, and from public relations to cleaning up locations. Production Runners are usually employed on a freelance basis, are not very well paid, and their hours are long and irregular. However, the work is usually extremely varied and provides a good entry level role into the film industry."

  Have you ever wanted to know how things worked behind the set of your favorite television show? Did you ever want to be hands on the production department?Well, this is a great opportunity for you. You will have the chance to build a career in the entertainment industry, and make new connections to allow you to go in a plethora of directions in the entertainment industry. If you are interested in this full-time position, email your resume to [email protected].    Some rights reserved by vancouverfilmschool

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