Casting CallsInviting Aspiring Artists to Join an Upcoming Untitled Feature Film

Inviting Aspiring Artists to Join an Upcoming Untitled Feature Film


The world of entertainment is constantly evolving, with fresh narratives and innovative genres capturing the interest of global viewers. One such exciting opportunity has emerged from the heart of Hollywood itself, with a call for stand-ins for an undisclosed feature film! The casting call is an open invitation to dive into the process and contribute to an exciting new cinematic .

Key Takeaways

1. Upcoming feature film announces casting call for stand-ins.
2. Positions open for two stand-ins and one male stand-in.
3. Applicants must have specific height dimensions and availability.
4. Compensation offered is SAG- Union-scale per hour.

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Job Detail

This unique casting call promises an opportunity to work on a dynamic feature film set. While the project's details remain confidential, it is an untitled feature film, implying the possibility of working on an ambitious cinematic project. The call seeks two female stand-ins and one male stand-in to assist during the production process. The selected individuals will play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth filming procedures and contributing to the visual magic of cinematic art.

Job Responsibilities

The role of stand-ins in any film project is paramount for a seamless shooting process. Here are the main job responsibilities:

1. Ensure that the principal get much-needed break between shots by standing at the same spot for a technical setup.
2. Align with camera tests and lighting setups to aid the director of photography in setting the scene.
3. Familiarize themselves with the movements and actions of the actor they are replacing to provide seamless continuity.
4. Maintain professionalism, punctuality, and patience while on set.


Candidates interested in these stand-in positions must adhere to the following requirements:

1. Female Stand-In (White or Hispanic): Two female stand-ins are required to be available in Atlanta from mid-March until the end of June 2021. The stand-ins should ideally be 5'2 – 5'4 tall and or Hispanic.

2. Male Stand-In (African American): One male stand-in is required, who should ideally be 6'0 – 6'2 in height, and African American. Availability from early April until the end of June 2021 in Atlanta is a must.

Candidates must understand the integral role stand-ins play on film sets – from helping fine-tune lighting and camera angles to stepping in during dress rehearsals. Experience in the same or similar role is desirable, though not mandatory.


The compensation offered for the stand-in roles is based on the SAG-AFTRA Union-scale per hour. This highly competitive scale is designed to attract talents from diverse backgrounds.


This casting call represents a fantastic opportunity for those interested in being an essential part of a feature film process. Stand-ins play a crucial role in filmmaking, and this opportunity offers the to gain first-hand experience, boost a film , and open doors to more exciting ventures in the entertainment world. If etching a spot for oneself in the thrilling world of Hollywood has been a dream, this opportunity is a step forward towards making that dream a reality.

So, are you ready to take that step towards a more exciting career path in the film industry? Grab this golden opportunity to be a part of an exciting cinematic project.

Apply now!

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