Arizona Casting Call for 9 MONTH OLD Baby Boy in 9 MONTH Clothing Size

PorkChop Production Services recently posted the following casting call for babies:   This ROLE/EVENT is for:  9 MONTH OLD Baby Boy - 9 MONTH Clothing Size This project is for ARIZONA Talent ONLY Casting April 15th, 16th, 17th (1-2 days) Shoot is April 29th – May 6th (6 days) Rates & Usage – Agents have This ROLE/EVENT is for:  9 MONTH OLD Baby Boy - 9 MONTH Clothing Size Please upload/post ONE picture (HEADSHOT) to appropriate EVENT for age/size of child.  Please include Agency info including agent email. If you don’t have an agent please include contact info plus email. Please include age, clothing size of child NEED PICTURES POSTED HERE BY MARCH 27, 2013 PROJECT INFO- Please do not submit if you/ talent are not available for casting and shoot days. LOOKING FOR TALENT IN ARIZONA ONLY. WE ARE NOT REIMBURSING FOR ANY TRAVEL  DO NOT EMAIL PICTURES WITHOUT INQUIRING FIRST.  As for the casting, we often have children try on clothing as to ensure the brand and size fits the children we would like to book. These castings do take some time and we want to let you know that you could be sitting around for a bit. Sometimes we get backed up and we look for patience as we will work as quickly as possible to make the casting go quick and smooth. If your child has Carter' s clothing please have them wear to casting as this could help move the casting along seeing what size your child wears.  THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CASTING WE WILL CONTACT YOU AND GIVE YOU TIMES FOR CASTING. All talent must be OK with being BOOKED as a PRIMARY or BACK- UP. By submitting on this casting you agree to usage, rates, etc. ALL TALENT MUST HAVE CURRENT WORK PERMITS if needed  We may ask Moms and Dads at casting if they would like to be in the shoot too. If they get selected they would make primary rate upon being photographed during the shoot.  We are Casting the week of April 15th.  Shoot is 6 days. Some kids will be asked to come back on additional days.  Shoot dates are: April 29th, 30th May 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th  Rate:  $250. 00 + 20 % for Primary TOTAL  $145. 00 + 20% for Back- Up TOTAL  Max time allowed on set  Usage:  BUYOUT, UNLIMITED TIME and UNLIMITED USE. INCLUDES B- ROLL  WE WILL NEED 250 KIDS FOR THIS SHOOT.  Please note that we do not have access to photographs once the photos get published in any way. The images can only be seen on Carter' s website. Please do not contact our clients for copies. It can not be done. Too many images/ kids to keep track of.  Thank you all and I look forward to seeing the submissions. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL PICTURES WITHOUT INQUIRING FIRST. 

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