ABC's 'Will Trent' Casting Call for Firefighters


In to the fire, a Firefighter searches for possible survivors

Abc's 'Will Trent' opens casting call for real firefighters in Atlanta, GA.

ABC's upcoming project, "Will Trent," is making headlines not just for its gripping storyline but also for its unique approach to casting. The production team has put out a casting call specifically for real firefighters. This move aims to add authenticity and depth to the series, offering a rare chance for firefighters to enter the entertainment industry's limelight.

The role of a firefighter in any production is pivotal, often symbolizing bravery, resilience, and heroism. By recruiting actual firefighters, "Will Trent" is set to offer a more realistic portrayal of these front-line heroes. The selected individuals will be playing firefighters in various scenes, adding their skills and real-life experiences to the project.

One of the key responsibilities for these roles includes collaborating closely with the director and fellow cast members. This collaboration is crucial to ensure performances are both realistic and engaging. That cast will also need to adapt quickly to scenes or script requirements changes, showcasing their ability to take direction and work effectively in a team setting.

Professionalism is a cornerstone of this opportunity. Cast members will be expected to contribute to a positive working environment on set, attending costume fittings, rehearsals, and shootings as scheduled.

The casting call is open to individuals who are 18 or older and have real firefighting experience. They are looking for men and women of any ethnicity who can bring their unique experiences to the table. An essential requirement is the ability to work collaboratively and follow directions diligently.

Flexibility is also essential, as participants must be available for the shoot. Additionally, having reliable transportation to the location in the Atlanta, GA, area is a must.

For their time and contribution, the firefighters will be compensated at $200 for a 12-hour workday. Further details about overtime compensation, if applicable, will be provided.

This casting call is more than just an opportunity for firefighters to be part of a TV series. It's a chance to showcase the real heroes of our society in a creative and dynamic environment. Their presence on the screen will enhance the series' authenticity and celebrate firefighters' invaluable service in real life.

For those in the firefighting community who have ever dreamed of being on TV, this could be the chance of a lifetime. With their expertise and dedication, "Will Trent" is poised to be a show that resonates with authenticity and heart.


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ABC's 'Will Trent' Casting Call for Firefighters

Job Description: We are excited to announce a casting call for the upcoming "Will Trent" project. We are seeking real firefighters to bring authenticity and depth to our production. This is a unique opportunity for those with firefighting experience to be part of a dynamic and creative environment in the entertainment industry.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Portraying the role of a firefighter in various scenes within the project.
  • Collaborating with the director and other cast members to ensure realistic and engaging performances.
  • Following directions from the crew and adapting to changes in scenes or script requirements.
  • Being available for costume fittings, rehearsals, and shooting as scheduled.
  • Maintaining professionalism on set and contributing to a positive working environment.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Possess real firefighting experience. Please detail your experience in your application.
  • Open to men and women of any ethnicity.
  • Ability to take direction well and work collaboratively in a team.
  • Flexibility with schedule and availability for the duration of the shoot.
  • Reliable transportation to the location in the Atlanta, GA area.


  • Rate: $200 for a 12-hour workday.
  • Additional details regarding overtime compensation, if applicable, will be provided.

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