Casting Calls$750/Day Ford Commercial Casting Call for Real Twins

$750/Day Ford Commercial Casting Call for Real Twins


The entertainment industry is an extraordinary realm that opens doors to immeasurable opportunities. For those who carry a unique charm and are a part of dynamic duos, this piece provides a comprehensive guide about the latest Ford commercial casting call for real twins. The project is powered by Project Casting – a leading online platform that bridges the gap between aspiring talents and incredible chances to shine.

Every opportunity in the entertainment world urges one to tap into their acting prowess. This Ford commercial casting necessitates the same. So, gear up to dazzle casting directors with your flair to immortalize mesmerizing moments on-camera.

Key Takeaways

Before plunging into the specifics, here’s a quick rundown of the key takeaways:
1. This Ford commercial casting call is specifically for real twins.
2. The opportunity is open to all gender identities and races.
3. Applicants should be between ages 20 and 25.
4. The filming location is in Atlanta and you must have the right to work in the US.
5. Applicants must be available on and around the specified shooting dates.
6. As for remuneration details, selected candidates would be paid $250 per person for the fitting day and $750 per person for the shooting day.

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Digging deeper, let’s walk you through the extensive details of the job, outlining the requirements, and responsibilities that come with this incredible offer.

Job Details

The Ford commercial casting call, announced by Project Casting, seeks real twins, of any gender variant and race, aged 20-25. The intent is to rope in individuals who can adeptly capture the audience’s attention in a commercial aimed at highlighting Ford’s impressive catalog. The commercial shoot will be held in Atlanta and all applicants must bear the eligibility to work in the US.

Job Responsibilities

Acting entails more than just delivering dialogues. Real twins signing up for this casting call would be expected to:
1. Attend revisions, costume fittings, rehearsals, and photo sessions.
2. Follow directions specified by the production team.
3. Deliver a dynamic, captivating performance on camera.
4. Coordinate effectively with their twin and fellow cast members.
5. Be adaptable to changes in the script and shooting schedule.


Success in the entertainment industry often hinges on the adherence to rules and requirements. To stand a chance at the Ford commercial casting call, you need to meet the following requirements:
1. Genuine twins aged between 20-25.
2. Open to applicants from all races and gender identities.
3. Legal work authorization in the United States.
4. Availability for a fitting on or around 2nd July, and for filming on or around 6th and 7th July.
5. Ability to commit to the project’s timelines and protocols.

Compensation Details

The rewards of seizing this opportunity extend beyond mere fame and recognition, it also promises monetary benefits. Those selected for the casting would receive $250 per person for the fitting day and a lucrative rate of $750 per person for the shooting day.


Embracing challenges and captivating opportunities are the cornerstones of making a mark in the vibrant entertainment industry. If you’re a part of a real twin pair seeking to make your creative imprints, this Ford commercial casting call is your chance to rise and shine. Grab this prospect with both hands, showcase your talent, and let the world witness your acting genius while benefiting from the rewarding returns offered.

Casting calls like this aren’t just stepping stones towards an abundant future; they are also stepping stones towards realizing one’s passion for performing! Act now, apply today, and unleash the power of twin magic on the world.

Remember, in the dazzling world of entertainment, every opportunity counts – and this may just be the role that leads you onto the red carpet.

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