Casting Calls$500 Web Video Casting Call in Phoenix Arizona

$500 Web Video Casting Call in Phoenix Arizona


are now talent for an Web Video in , .


Good Faith Casting recently posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook page:

***Casting Breakdown ***

Web Video

: $500 + 20 %, 8 hour day, usage forever

Audition date by appointment only

Will work about 3 days ( don't know dates yet)

1- Female, , 40's

1- , caucasian, 40's 50's

1- Female, minority 25- 30

Send an email to [email protected], subject line ” WEB VIDEO”

include- Phone number, birthday, agent, headshot/resume, agent (if you have one)

If you submit incorrectly your email will be deleted!

Megan Diane
Hi, I'm Megan Browne, the Head of Partnerships at Project Casting - a job board for the entertainment industry. As Head of Partnerships, I help businesses find the best talent for their influencer campaigns, photo shoots, and film productions. Creating these partnerships has enabled me to help businesses scale and reach their true potential. I'm excited to continue driving growth by connecting people with projects they're passionate about.

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