$500 Commercial Casting Call in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Commercial casting call for an alcoholic beverage in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Mosser Casting is looking to cast several men and women for non-speaking featured roles, filming in Pittsburgh. The commercial is a web spot for an alcoholic beverage and there are several roles available for actors to audition for. All talents will be paid $500 for their work on the production. All actors must be at least 25 years old and live in or near Pittsburgh. For more details, check out the casting call below:

$500 Commercial Casting Call

We are casting a non-union web spot for an alcoholic beverage and are looking for a myriad of characters. The spot will shoot on June 5th or 6th in the Pittsburgh area and pay $500. Must be available all day and evening on those days in order to be considered. MUST BE AGE 25 OR OVER AND LIVE IN OR NEAR THE PITTSBURGH AREA.  Characters: Truck Driver. - NON-SPEAKING. Man or Woman ages 40-60. Carnival worker-type character. Should have a good amount of acting experience. British announcer. - SPEAKING. Must have a completely convincing british accent. Male or female. Any height. Late 30s to late 50s. BBC type announcer. Should be able to improv. Plumber Woman. NON-SPEAKING. Tall, muscular woman. Over 5’9” but preferably closer to 6’. Caucasian. Should have a body-builder-type physique. Preferably (but not necessarily) either with blonde hair or looks good in a Blonde wig. The idea is that she’s who our character really desires vs. the yoga women. Should be able to improv and be very comfortable/relaxed on camera. Will have to be able to do a basic stunt being pulled into a padded mat via a body harness. Yoga Women - NON-SPEAKING. 25-40 years old, any ethnicity. Model-like body type. Must be experienced in yoga and able to hold basic to medium poses for long periods of time with perfect form. 3-6 women total. Will be wearing 70s style yoga clothes. Basically an intentionally funny scene, over-the-top on the “sexy yoga” side of things. Mustache contest Men - NON-SPEAKING- 3 males. 25-60. Caucasian/Hispanic. Strong Irish, German or Italian looks could be interesting. Unique looks encouraged. Open to all body types. No mustache required. Beard is a plus for up to 2 of the cast. If interested and completely available June 5th and 6th, please email a recent picture/headshot and resume to [email protected]. Please put the character name in the subject line of who you are interested in auditioning for. Also include your name, age, phone number, height, weight and location in the body of the email. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU ARE REPRESENTED BY A TALENT AGENT. We will contact you if we feel you are right for anything. We would then schedule an audition time for you tomorrow at our office between 12pm-4pm. Thanks! Katie Discuss this story with fellowProject Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.