Casting Calls1970s Series Casting Call for Mothers

1970s Series Casting Call for Mothers


Dive into the past: 1970s casting call for mothers in New .

Are you ready to step back in time and bring the vibrant era of the 1970s to ? A new television series is seeking and Latina to portray the quintessential role of a mother in a 1970s setting. This is your to be part of a project that aims to recreate this iconic decade's unique atmosphere and authenticity.

The role entails portraying a mother in various scenes, contributing significantly to the authenticity and atmosphere. Participants are expected to immerse themselves in the character, embodying the of the 1970s mother with dedication and enthusiasm.


  • Portraying the 1970s Mother: You must convincingly represent a mother from the 1970s, ensuring that your portrayal adds depth and realism to the scene.
  • Costume Fitting: You will participate in a costume fitting session to ensure accuracy. This is crucial for achieving the period-appropriate look key to the series' authenticity.
  • Taking Direction: Following the guidance of the director and crew is essential. Your ability to adapt and respond to direction will be instrumental in fulfilling your role effectively.
  • Availability: Commitment is key. You must be prepared to work on set the entire day as scheduled, without any conflicting engagements.
  • Professional Engagement: Interaction with other cast members and the crew should be professional and cooperative, fostering a positive working environment.


  • Ethnicity: This casting call specifically targets Hispanic and Latina women.
  • Age Range: Women between 30 and 50 are encouraged to apply.
  • Availability: Full availability is required on both the fitting and working dates.
  • Location: Applicants must be local to New Mexico or willing to work as local hires. Please note no travel or accommodation expenses will be provided.
  • Experience: While previous acting or background work experience is preferred, it is not mandatory. Newcomers with a passion for acting are welcome to apply.
  • Appearance: You must fit the aesthetic of the 1970s era, which will be determined during the costume fitting.


Participants will be compensated $105 for an 8-hour day. This is not just a job; it's an opportunity to be a part of a creative endeavor that pays homage to a significant era in history.

Embark on this journey to the past and help bring the story to life. Apply now and be a part of recreating history!


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1970s Series Casting Call for Mothers

Job Responsibilities:

  • Portray the role of a mother in a 1970s setting, contributing to the authenticity and atmosphere of the scene.
  • Participate in a costume fitting session to ensure period-appropriate attire.
  • Follow directions from the director and crew to fulfill the role effectively.
  • Be prepared to work on set the whole day on the specified working date.
  • Engage with other cast members and crew professionally.


  • Ethnicity: Hispanic and Latina
  • Age Range: 30-50 years
  • Availability: Must be fully available on fitting and working dates, with no scheduling conflicts.
  • Location: Must be local to New Mexico or willing to work as a local hire (no travel or accommodation provided).
  • Experience: Previous acting or background work experience is preferred but optional.
  • Appearance: Must fit the aesthetic of the 1970s period.

Compensation: $105 for an 8-hour day

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