$1,500 USDA Commercial Campaign for Kids Teens and Families

The United States Department of Agriculture is now casting talent for a commercial campaign in Baltimore, Maryland.

Producers are seeking to cast a wide range of roles ranging from kids, to families for a ton of different ethnicities. Talents will be compensated between $600 to $1500. For more details, check the breakdown below:
USDA CAMPAIGN - PHASE 4 - REAL PEOPLE NEEDED / GREAT PAY! PLEASE PASS ALONG Casting this SUNDAY, submit: [email protected] AA boys age 5-6 AA girls age 14-15 Asian boys age 5-6 and 8-10 Asian girls age 9-15 Caucasian boys age 7 (actual age should be 7) Hispanic boys age 6-11 and 14-15 Hispanic girls age 6-10 Hispanic women age 30-45 and 55-65 Hispanic men age 20-30 and 55-65 Hispanic nursing women age 20-25 with infant Hispanic child age 3-4 Omni-ethnic (hisp & aa mix) boys age 8-10 Omni-ethnic (hisp & aa mix) women age 25-30 with infant age 3-4mos
SHOOT DATES: 6/24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 (If selected, you would only work one day, but should be available for as many of these dates as possible. There will be another phase shooting July 19-24 and/or August 2-3, so if you are not available in June you can still come in to be considered for this phase). RATE: Most will be needed for half day shoots (half day is considered 5 hours or less, a full day is 5-10 hours) Adults: $600/half day, $1,200/full day Kids: $300/half day, $600/full day Mother with infant: $750/half day Family: $1,500/half day (for real families of 3 or more booked together)
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