Casting Calls$1000/Day Popeyes Commercial Casting Call

$1000/Day Popeyes Commercial Casting Call


This article explores an exciting opportunity within the – a $1000/day commercial casting call. It answers a variety of potential questions for aspiring applicants — from job details, one's responsibilities and the prerequisites to compensation. And, it does so while targeting keywords that are essential for optimal SEO performance. Opportunities like these offer a golden ticket for anyone keen on breaking into the industry and carving their own niche.

Key Takeaways:

1. Casting calls offer a doorway into the industry for new and experienced talents alike.
2. The casting call for this Popeyes commercial asks for people who appear to be in their 20's to 40's and who are located in .
3. The compensation is generous, offering $1000 per day, covering travel and filming days.
4. The responsibilities revolve around staying true to your character and being adaptable and responsive to feedback.
5. Casting calls like these do not offer relocation assistance, meaning only those currently in Atlanta should apply.

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Job Description:

Diving into the heart of the matter, the $1000/day Popeyes commercial casting call involves roles for models, , and talents. ProjectCasting, an online platform, bridges the gap between recruiters and aspirants through opportunities such as this one. Notably, most casting calls shy away from specifying the exact nature of the commercial, leaving a mystique for the applicants.

Job Location:

The casting call comes with a catch — it is exclusively for talents in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta has become a lucrative location for film and TV production, thanks to its welcoming and versatile filming , making it an entertainment industry hotspot.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Attend : A casting call starts with an . This involves showcasing your based on the instructions set by the casting director.
2. Align With Character Descriptions: Often, casting directors look for specific characteristics. It's crucial to understand the role to provide an authentic performance.
3. Follow Director's Instructions: It's important for actors to adapt to feedback swiftly.
4. Prepare Script Lines: If the casting call provides scripts beforehand, the actors are expected to learn and deliver them convincingly.

Job Requirements:

1. Location Specific: This particular casting call is exclusive for talents currently located in Atlanta. Relocation assistance is not customary for casting calls.
2. Age Requirement: They're seeking talents who appear to be in their 20's to 40's. Thereby, the age look is more essential than actual age.
3. Open to All Ethnicities: The casting call elaborates that they are open to talents from all ethnic backgrounds.


Actors, models, and talents who land a role through this Popeyes commercial casting call can expect to be handsomely compensated – $1000 per day. It's also worth mentioning that the pay includes compensation for both filming days and travel days, which isn't always the norm in the industry.


With the $1000/day Popeyes commercial casting call, actors, models, and talents currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, have a lucrative opportunity to both strut their talent and make a substantial income. It's a chance to participate in an industry that is never short of surprises and one step closer to success in the entertainment industry!

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