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Looking for a Job? Now Hiring Production Assistants

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How to become a production assistant

Are you fascinated by the glamour and glitz of the entertainment industry? The industry is always in need of individuals that sideline the limelight to ensure the seamless execution of a production. One critical role that ensures a smooth run of showbiz is a Production Assistant. To effectively highlight the responsibilities and tied to this role, we've put together a comprehensive job description, based largely upon a casting call by .

Let's get into the detailed role of a Production Assistant to better understand this vibrant, demanding yet fulfilling vocation.

Key Takeaways

The Production Assistant job is a crucial steppingstone for anyone seeking a career in entertainment. It's a springboard to a diverse industry comprising of various roles. With this position, you get a taste of what it takes to produce a successful or production.

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Job Details

Coming under the production's direct supervision, the Production Assistant's role is crucial to ensure the smooth sailing of any production. It can be demanding – remember, these are often around the clock, and one might be on their feet for long hours. But, it's exciting too; a perfect gateway experience into the broader entertainment industry.

The job can revolve around supporting the actors, liaising with the , or assisting in the physical execution of production. It's a diverse role, offering you exposure to the unique world of entertainment, which might differ greatly depending on the project itself.

Job Location

A job as a Production Assistant could take you almost anywhere! These roles are often based in various geographical depending on the project's needs and shooting requirements. For the purpose of our case casting call from Project Casting, the job is located in New York.

Job Responsibilities

A Production Assistant's primary role is to support all aspects of film or TV production, ensuring things run promptly and efficiently. Duties may include:

1. Assisting and crew
2. Support of the administrative office
3. Keeping track of shooting schedules
4. Actively helping in the preparation and dismantling of sets
5. Running errands between the various departments
6. Ensuring a clean and organized set
7. Overseeing props and equipment

Job Requirements

While the role of a Production Assistant is considered entry-level, certain skills are sought after by employers. These include:

1. Excellent communication skills – Written and verbal.
2. Ability to tackle high-pressure situations.
3. Basic understanding of film-making process.
4. Ability to multitask.
5. Excellent time management skills.
6. Ability to be proactive and take the initiative.

All these skills prove essential in this role. There are no specific education requirements, however, having a background in media or a similar area could be advantageous.


The salary for this role can vary widely, but it often depends upon the project's geographical location, the production budget, and the candidate's level of experience.

Moreover, the experience of working as a Production Assistant equips you with essential, hands-on industry skills, which serve tremendously beneficial for a prosperous career in the entertainment industry.

The take-home message? If you wish to get your foot into the door of the vibrant world of showbiz, consider starting off as a Production Assistant.


This role offers a unique glance into the world of entertainment whilst teaching you the ins and outs of this vibrant industry. The experience of being a Production Assistant enables you to make informed choices about where you want your career in the entertainment industry to go. So, the next time you see a casting call for a Production Assistant, grab the opportunity with both hands!

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