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Nintendo is now hiring writers for their Retro Studios.

Are you looking for a job in the gaming entertainment industry? How about working for Nintendo? If so, then this job is for you. According to the job posting, Nintendo is now hiring for its Retro Studios. "Retro is a state-of-the-art game development studio, working in conjunction with Nintendo to bring award-winning games to Nintendo's cutting-edge next-generation platforms. Retro Studios is located in beautiful Austin, Texas." Job requirements include the following:
  • Work with the narrative team to quickly create dialog, cinematic scripts, and foundational story documents
  • Help write in-game backstory, world building, general lore, and character breakdowns
  • Help to maintain narrative foundations established by the narrative team
  • Perform editing and tracking of in-game dialog, narrative bibles, and cinematics
  • Work with the design team to craft memorable gameplay-centric story moments
  • Work with various teams to ensure that the game narrative is implemented as intended
  • Assist cinematic and design teams with identifying suitable moments for cutscenes
  • Manage and track narrative documents
  • Help to educate all teams on the game narrative and storytelling practices

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