Get Paid $2,000 to Watch Your Favorite TV Show

couple tv casting

couple tv casting will pay you $2,000 to watch your favorite TV show.

Millions of people have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus. So, everyone is looking for ways to earn a little extra money to help pay the bills. is looking to hire five people to watch every episode of every season of their favorite TV series and get paid $2,000. will pay you to watch your favorite series from start to finish and get paid two grand. According to the website, you can watch whatever series you want. The company also gives hints on how to watch a little as possible and get paid $2,000. "Ideally, you’d pick your favorite show because who doesn’t want to get paid to watch something they love? But smart business peeps could screen the lone season of Freaks and Geeks and be done with this temp gig in only 13.2 hours (hourly wage: $151.52). Labor-of-love types could view all 679 episodes of The Simpsons and not care that they’ll make only $8.02 an hour." But, you do not only get $2,000. You also get a list of great benefits.  
  • One-year subscription to your preferred streaming service
  • Comfy blanket
  • $100 Grubhub gift card
  • Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier
  • Candy and treats
  • Popcorn
To apply, click here. and try to get hired. Here's a list of how much you can get paid per hour by watching the following shows:
  • The X-Files: $12.22/hr.
  • The Walking Dead: $20.24/hr.
  • Friends: $24.00/hr.
  • The Office: $27.02/hr.
  • Seinfeld: $28.98/hr.
  • Star TrekThe Original Series: $30.38/hr.
  • Game of Thrones: $32.58/hr.
  • The L Word (original): $34.28/hr.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: $35.28/hr.
  • Trailer Park Boys: $38.10/hr.
  • Breaking Bad: $44.76/hr.
  • Community: $49.60/hr.
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: $104.26/hr.
  • Rick and Morty:$151.52/hr.
In related news, you can get paid $1,000 to watch the Harry Potter movies. The company EdSmart is offering $1,000 to five people willing to watch all the movies in the Harry Potter franchises including the two available Fantastic Beasts movies. It sounds like a dream job. All you have to do is be active on social media and live tweet or stream your marathon experience while tagging @getedsmart and/or #getedsmart. More Project Casting Jobs:  

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