What is The Average Age a Director Debuts a Movie? (VIDEO)

Does age really matter when it comes to making it in the film industry?

In a recent video by YouTuber The Royal Ocean Film Society, the YouTuber breaks down the average age a famous movie director debuted their first movie. After analyzing 750 directors, their research discovered the average age is 32.6. The very youngest included M. Night Shyamalan who was 21 years old when his first movie was released. While Richard Attenborough was 46 when he directed his first film.

The bottom line, I think, is that we should not feel the pressure of our age no matter where you are in your careers. Some filmmakers take time to manifest their destiny, while others embrace filmmaking early on. The most important thing is to know why you are getting involved in the film industry and if you have enough dedication you will do it, no matter what your age is.


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