Oprah's 'Love Is' Star Michele Weaver Started Working as Background Actor

Michele Weaver started her acting career working as a background actor and now has her own TV series.

Oprah Winfrey's new TV series Love Is is a romantic drama that follows two partners that fall in love while attempting to make in the entertainment industry in the early '90s. But, did you know the show's leading actress, Michele Weaver, started off her acting career working as a background actor at Central Casting only a few years ago. That's right - dreams do come true. Central Casting broke the news last week on Facebook saying, "Love Is _ stars Michele Weaver who just a few years ago was a background actor at Central Casting. Congrats on the leading role!"

About Love Is…:

The series centers around the love story between a modern-day power couple. In the world of Black Hollywood, they navigate a complex set of social codes, and this series will explore it all, from the good to the bad and to the ‘90s when the love story began.

Weaver will play Nuri, a bubbly personality with big dreams who is struggling to make a name for herself as a sitcom staff writer while struggling an assortment of romances that only leave her party fulfilled. After she meets Yasir, himself unemployed and barely holding onto his dreams, Nuri changes all her opinions about what she expects from a man because she’s just found the one who is perfect for her.

Yasir is an aspiring writer-director who is down to his last two unemployment checks and lives (unhappily) with his on-again/off-again ex. But after meeting the stunning Nuri, Yasir finds a reason to alter his life and the drive to access his potential.

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