Woman Acts Out Movie Scene and Kills Boyfriend, Police Say

When method acting goes wrong – a woman reportedly acted a movie scene and killed her boyfriend.

Officials report a Missouri woman was drunk and re-enacting a movie when she shot and killed her boyfriend. According to reports, Kalesha Marie Peterson, 37, is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of her boyfriend.

“Peterson advised that she and Dalton had been watching a movie and drinking alcoholic beverages that evening,” Fulton police said in a news release. “Peterson advised that at some point Dalton suggested the two play out a scene in the movie that involved a firearm. Peterson advised that the two retrieved a handgun kept in the bedroom to act out the scene.”

A Taurus .38 caliber revolver held by the woman “discharged,” hitting Dalton in the head, police stated. “Medics attempted to treat Dalton and declared that he was dead,” the Fulton department’s statement says.

Police officers did not reveal which movie the couple was re-enacting and suggested the title could be used as evidence.

Even if she did not mean to fatally shoot her boyfriend, Peter should be held responsible because she handled the gun while she was intoxicated, police said in a statement.

Police also said she had several prescription medications, some that could “increase impairment” when mixed with alcohol.