It is clear that Georgia’s film industry is on fire, alliances have been built, studios are continuing to expand, and A-list stars are hanging out in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, Georgia representatives are considering expanding tax credits to help boost the state’s video game industry. That’s right, entertainment companies that develop films and video games and complete postproduction work in Georgia could be eligible for tax credits under legislation that the Georgia House of Representatives past earlier this month.

According to the AJC, House Bill 199 is called the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act and would offer 20% tax credit to companies making film, video, or digital work in the state that promotes the Georgia logo and edits those productions in the state.

From the AJC:

State Rep. Trey Rhodes, R-Greensboro, who sponsored the bill, said it adds “a third leg” to “create an entire ecosystem” of film, music and video game development in Georgia.

State Rep. Mable Thomas, D-Atlanta, spoke before the House in support of the bill, saying it would help Georgians from rural areas and minority communities benefit from increased industry investment.

Georgia’s film industry is ranked 3rd in the United States just behind California and New York. Film production companies that choose to film in Georgia earn up to 30% tax credits of what they spend if they meet certain standards.

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