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Star Wars

“Star Wars” Movies Are Taking a Break After “The Rise of Skywalker”

Star Wars movies are going to take a "hiatus" for a couple of years “Star Wars” is a trending topic lately, from official news that the movies will be streaming in the upcoming Disney+ streaming...
star wars

Looking for a Job? ‘Star Wars’ is Now Hiring

Lucasfilm is now hiring a ton of jobs to work on Star Wars and several other motion pictures, books, and TV shows. Lucasfilm is a film and TV production company based in San Francisco, California. The studio...
Oprah Winfrey

Oprah and Prince Harry are Creating a Mental Health Documentary for Apple

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry are making a mental health documentary series for Apple. Entertainment royalty and British royalty are working together for a new series. The multi-part documentary series will be available for the...

Disney+: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

During the 2019 Disney Investor Day unveiled additional information about its upcoming streaming service Disney+, including a first look courtesy of CEO Bob Iger. During the presentation, the Mickey Mouse company announced Disney+ is set...

Anonymous Millionaire Planning “Hunger Games” Battle Royale Event on a Private Island

An anonymous millionaire is planning a Battle Royale event on a private island with the last one standing taking home over $100,000. Following the success of "The Hunger Games" starring Jennifer Lawrence and multiple video games...

Australia’s Film Industry is Expected to Get a Major Boost

Australia's film industry is expected to get a significant boost. Streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are now eligible for Australian filming incentives after the federal government announced this week they would be opening...

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