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Prime Video Thriller Series ‘The Better Sister’ to Star Jessica Biel and Elizabeth Banks


Key Takeaways:

-nominated actresses Jessica Biel and Elizabeth Banks set to star in The Better Sister on Prime Video.
– The series is based on Alafair Burke's best-selling novel about the complexities of sisterhood.
– Elizabeth Banks also serves as the executive producer of the show.
– The Better Sister will be streamed on Prime Video in more than 240 countries worldwide.
– The show's creators promise a gripping series full of , suspense and shocking revelations.

Prime Video is set to launch a thrilling new series, ‘The Better Sister,' produced by Tomorrow Studios and Amazon MGM Studios, featuring prominent entertainment figures, Jessica Biel, and Elizabeth Banks.

A Story of Love, Betrayal, and Sisterhood

Drawing its narrative from Alafair Burke's popular novel, The Better Sister promises a suspenseful story driven by sisterly love, rivalry, and redemption. Biel and Banks's characters, Chloe and Nicky, have distinct, contrasting lifestyles that will intertwine dramatically due to an unfortunate of events.

Chloe, portrayed by Jessica Biel, leads a seemingly perfect with her successful lawyer husband, Adam, and their teenage son, Ethan. On the other hand, Nicky, played by Elizabeth Banks, struggles to attain financial stability amidst efforts to stay clean.

Their contrasting lives take a shocking twist when Chloe's husband, Adam, is brutally murdered, unveiling a cascade of hidden secrets that could rupture their sisterly bond irreparably.

An Ensemble of Excellence

Besides showcasing her acting prowess, Elizabeth Banks assumes an executive producer's role, alongside Olivia Milch (Ocean's 8) and Regina Corrado () serving as showrunners and executive producers. Craig Gillespie (Pam & Tommy) also shares directorial expertise and holds an executive producer position, promising an intriguing and captivating series packed with thrilling cliffhangers.

The series aims to unravel the intricate layers of sisterhood, familial love, and possibly forgiveness amidst shocking revelations and tense situations. The combination of Biel and Banks, along with the brilliant team behind the screen, stands as a significant attraction for the audiences worldwide.

Promising A Riveting Viewing Experience

The Better Sister is applauded not just as an electrifying thriller packed with twists and turns, but also a sincere depiction of family feuds and the path towards forgiveness. As per Vernon Sanders, the head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, the eclectic mix of the versatile duo of Jessica Biel and Elizabeth Banks is likely to offer viewers an authentic representation of the book characters, promising a unique viewing experience.

As viewers get hyped for The Better Sister's premier on Prime Video, it's undeniable that the sisters' attempts to unravel the mystery of the brutal will keep audiences on edge.

Anticipate the Unexpected

With a violent murder as the plot's catalyst, one can't help but anticipate the fallout that will follow. Will both sisters survive the emotional and possibly physical ordeal that awaits them? It's a question worthy of splendid suspense that only time will unravel.

With such a potent mix of great storytelling, a powerful cast, renowned producers, and an equally adept crew, The Better Sister guarantees to be just as riveting and tense as its source material. It has all the right elements to keep you over your shoulder, eagerly waiting for the next episode.

The Better Sister is all set to unfold its thrilling narrative exclusively on Prime Video, reaching an extensive audience scope of over 240 countries across the globe.

Get ready to delve into a vortex of family secrets, mystery, and sisterly bonds that will either shatter or solidify under pressure.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Better Sister, and get ready to place your bets on who will come out on top: this is a family you won't want to miss.



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