Study Discovers Facial Features Casting Directors Like the Most

Jennifer Lawrence
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Researchers identify the three facial features casting directors like the most and it’s pretty shocking.

Have you ever watched a movie and thought that a lot of Hollywood’s most famous actresses look similar? Is there a genetic reason why Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood? Is there a secret relationship between facial features and movie stars? Well, one researcher asked that question and we may finally have the answer.

According to a study by Terry F. Pettijohn II and Abraham Tesser called “Popularity in Environmental Context: Facial Feature Assessment of American Movie Actresses,” the researchers examined the facial features of Hollywood’s biggest actors from 1932 to 1995 and their results were pretty surprising.

When social and economic conditions in the United States were stagnant and pessimistic, American movie actresses with mature facial features (small eye size, thin cheeks, and large chins) were popular: When social and economic conditions were prosperous and optimistic, actresses with neonate facial features (large eye size, round cheeks, and small chins) were popular.
Apparently, facial feature preferences in Hollywood is linked to the stock market and economy. Who would have thought? So, if America is in a recession expect “mall eye size, thin cheeks, and large chins” actresses to be extremely popular. However, if America’s stock market is thriving and everyone is making a ton of money, then expect casting directors to choose “large eye size, round cheeks, and small chins” actresses.
Science is incredible.

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