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China Calls ‘Zootopia’ American Propaganda

Is Disney's Zootopia  propaganda? Is Disney secretly delivering propaganda to young men and women across the world through the form of cartoons and animated movies? Well, one China newspaper claims Zootopia is American propaganda. According to Fortune, People's...
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Box Office: Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ Destroys ‘Allegiant’

Disney's 'Zootopia' beats Allegiant in the box office. The Atlanta filmed Allegiant movie debuts with $29 million as Disney's Zootopia smashes the competition winning the third weekend in a row with $38 million. Zootopia topped the domestic box office beating Allegiant: The Divergent Series and...
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Zootopia is the #1 Movie in America

Box Office: Zootopia is the number one movie in America. Deadpool's reign as the king of the box office has finally come to an end thanks to a little known cartoon movie called Zootopia.  According to box...

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