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‘X-Men’ Says There Are No Plans To Recast Wolverine Once Hugh Jackman Quits

X-Men has no plans to recasting Wolverine once Hugh Jackman is done playing him. Hugh Jackman has revealed his plans to quit playing Wolverine for a while now, and it seems he's about to finally...
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Hugh Jackman: Tom Hardy Should Be the Next Wolverine

Hugh Jackman reveals his casting decision for the next Wolverine movies. So Hugh Jackman is finishing his time in the X-Men universe by working on several upcoming films and a final Wolverine movie and people are starting...
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Hugh Jackman Wants to Play Wolverine Forever

Hugh Jackman says afters watching Academy Award winning movie 'Birdman', he wants to play Wolverine forever. Hugh Jackman recently revealed that the Academy Award winning movie has inspired him to be a superhero forever. According to Jackman, Michael...
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Hugh Jackman Diagnosed with Skin Cancer for a Third Time this Year

Hugh Jackman was treated for skin cancer for a third time in a year. Hugh Jackman has been fighting a yearlong battle with skin cancer. Wolverine was recent treated for his third basal cell carcinoma...
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Keanu Reeves Wanted to Play Batman and Wolverine But Hollywood Said No

Keanu Reeves wanted to play Batman and Wolverine but Hollywood passed on the actor. Would Keanu Reeves have done a better job than Ben Affleck in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Keanu Reeves, who is...
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Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Audition for X-Men is Stunning [VIDEO]

Check out Hugh Jackman's audition for Wolverine in 1999. Hugh Jackman quickly became in what appears to be overnight. But, the Australian actor has worked on several productions as a producer and actor in film,...

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