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Wolf of Wall Street Movie was Filmed on an Iphone? [VIDEO]

Did you know parts of the "Wolf of Wall Street" Movie was filmed on an iPhone? In an interview with Martin Scorsese, the director of The Wolf of Wall Street, he discussed how they tried...
Project Casting

This is the Best President Campaign Video – ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Parody Ever

Tommy Bolger is running to be President of the Student Union of Ireland’s University of Limerick From throwing away toast. To making only 8 bucks an hour at 22, Tommy Bolger seems like the best...
Project Casting

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Former Employee Sues Paramount for Defamation

For anyone that worked for Stratton Oakmont, they were probably horrified. But one former broker is extremely upset about the 'Wolf of Wall Street'. Andrew Greene is angry about his onscreen depiction of Nicky 'Rugrat'...

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