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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Trailer is Here and It’s Amazing

The latest 'Walking Dead' Season 5 trailer shows the next character getting killed in the series?  The recently released Season 5 preview for "The Walking Dead" seems to confirm one of the saddest and darkest...
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Van Runs off a Bridge on Set of ‘The Walking Dead’ in Atlanta

A van runs off a bridge on set of 'The Walking Dead' while filming in Atlanta, Georgia. The Walking Dead Season 5 is ramping up production and filming all over the state of Georgia.It was...
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Reports of Explosions on Set of “The Walking Dead” Season 5

The Walking Dead Season 5 is now filming in Georgia and it looks like it is the end of Terminus. Last Week, when they were still working on the premiere, fans reported hearing explosions on...
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“The Walking Dead” Season 5 Crazier and More Exciting than Ever

The Walking Dead started filming for season 5 over a week ago and it looks like Season 5 is going to be better than ever. Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead's creator, recently spoke with Entertainment weekly...
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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5: Is This the End for Rick Grimes? [Photo]

AMC has released the first photo from The Walking Dead Season 5 released. The new TWD photo features a cautious looking and hurt sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln. The new zombie drama is getting ready for another...
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‘The Walking Dead’ Now Filming – Everything You Should Know about Season 5

'The Walking Dead' filming for season five has just started and things are starting to heat up around Atlanta! Norman Reedus, has just confirmed production has started by tweeting and posting on instagram: "Let's do...

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