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Artificial Intelligence

Sci-Fi Movie Casts Artificial Intelligent Robot Actress For The Lead Role

An upcoming sci-fi feature film with a budget estimated at $70 million called ‘b’ has reportedly cast its lead role and it’s an artificially intelligent robot named Erica. According to reports, Bandit Capital Media whose...

YouTube is Working on a TikTok Competitor (Report)

YouTube is reportedly developing a TikTok competitor called "Shorts" TikTok is quickly taking over online video, an arena YouTube dominates for the moment. Now, Google’s video streaming platform is looking to compete with TikTok by...

Apple Group FaceTime Security Flaw Explained

Apple has disabled their Group FaceTime feature to fix a security flaw. A bug in Apple’s FaceTime video calling feature has allowed anyone to call a phone or Mac and listen in before the other...
Project Casting

Project Casting Updates Are Coming Soon – What You Need to Know

Project Casting is changing - here is what you need to know. Six years ago, Project Casting started off as a blog where aspiring actors can find jobs in the entertainment industry for free. Since then,...
Project Casting

How to Make a Movie with Just an iPhone

Want to make a movie with just an iPhone? Hollywood is changing. Nowadays, you no longer need an expensive camera, camera crew, or even audio engineer. The only thing you need to start filming your...
Project Casting

STUDY: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hit a Record High in U.S.

Following Charlie Sheen's public announcement that he is HIV positive, the Center for Disease Control wants you to know that Sexually Transmitted Diseases are at a record high in the United States. The Centers for...

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