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Project Casting

VH1’s Pilot ‘Hindsight’ Casting Call for an Upcoming Wedding Scene Filming in Atlanta, Georgia

Casting directors for the VH1 Pilot 'Hindsight' is currently seeking extras to work on a wedding scene set in the 1990s. The Vh1 Pilot, Hindsight currently films in the Atlanta, Georgia area. About the Show: According to...
Project Casting

VH1’s New Pilot “Hindsight” Casting Call in Atlanta for Extras

Casting directors are now casting Extras for several roles in the VH1 Television Pilot "Hindsight" filming in Atlanta. About the Show: According to the recent CL Casting casting call, Vh1 has given a pilot order to...
Project Casting

Sleepy Hollow TV Pilot Casting Photo Doubles and Stand Ins

Casting directors are currently seeking male Stand Ins and Photodoubles to work tomorrow on the upcoming TV series Sleepy Hollow. For more details see the casting call information below: Sleepy Hollow TV Pilot Casting Call...
Project Casting

Sleepy Hollow Casting Call for Males with Medical Experience

Casting directors are currently casting for the upcoming TV Series "Sleepy Hollow" filming in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Sources reported that this upcoming TV Pilot and possible series is based on the legendary short story "The...
Project Casting

FOX TV Pilot ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Casting Call for Teenage Females

Casting directors are now seeking African American teen females to portray the lead actress, Nicole Beharie as a teen and her younger sister in the upcoming TV series "Sleepy Hollow". See the casting call information...
Project Casting

FOX TV Pilot ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Casting Call for Male Background Actors

Tona B. Dahlquist Casting posted a casting call for background actors to go to a fitting this week and work next week on several scenes. We reported on the upcoming Sleepy Hollow, project earlier this month...

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