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Music Video Casting Calls

R&B/Rap Music Video British Columbia Casting Call

Music video casting call for models and actresses for an R&B/Rap music video filming in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming in Kelowna,...

$450 Modeling Job Casting Call for Orlando Models

Modeling job casting call for models in Orlando, Florida. Paradym Group is looking for three female models to work on a modeling job this October 15th and october 16th in Orlando, Florida. The modeling job...
Project Casting

Hardee’s CEO Reveals Best and Worst Models From His Famous Commercials

The CEO of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, Andy Puzder, is opening up about the brand's famous commercials and the stories behind their famous models. Puzder says the brand behind Hardee's and Carl Jr. does an...
Project Casting

New Research Shows Size 6 Models are More “Marketable”

Study shows that size 6 models are more "marketable" than size 0 models. When you think of a runway fashion model, you probably think of super skinny and tall women. But, according to a new...
Project Casting

[Watch] Aspiring Model Bathes in Pig Blood to Stay Young

Aspiring model bathes in a pool of pig blood in order to look young. Chanel was a 19-year-old "freelance model, actress," and wrestling ring girl who lives in California and is so obsessed with staying...
Project Casting

American Apparel Controversial Casting Call Seeks “Real Models” Not “Instagram Thots”

American Apparel Controversial Casting Call looks for "real models" and not "Instagram Hoes" American Apparel is in hot water after a controversial casting hit the Internet last week. According to reports, American Apparel posted a...


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