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Project Casting

North Korea is Facing a ‘Massive Internet Outage’

North Korea is experiencing a 'Massive Internet Outage' Following the Guardians of Peace hack attack against Sony, which the US publicly blames on North Korea (something many people don't believe), President Obama publicly threatened a...
Project Casting

Sony Hackers Don’t Plan on Releasing Any More Stolen Information

Hackers congratulate Sony for not releasing The Interview. Hackers promise not to release any more stolen data now that 'The Interview' has been canceled. In a victory for hackers everywhere, the "Guardians of Peace" (who US...
Project Casting

‘The Interview’ Cancels Movie with No Plans for a VOD

'The Interview' has been cancelled completely with 'no further plans' for a VOD release. It's official. The Interview will not premiere, it won't be released in theaters, and Sony has "no further plans" to give...
Jessica Alba

Sony Hack Reveals The Outrageous Aliases of Several Actors

The new Sony hack documents reveal the weird and outrageous aliases of several actors. Several new files were placed on Github yesterday by Guardians of Peace, the organization that is allegedly behind the hack of...

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